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September 25, 2014, Jo

This company claims they get big orders from famous corporations for digital gadgets and devices such as laptops etc. They ask for you to take part by caughing up thousands and that you will profit in a week. In the end you will never see or hear from them again. The owners name is Saeed Khan. Secretary name is Arlene Mayorca Ratto Khan. They have extended family memebers that take part in the scam as well. WATCH OUT! Do not loan them money and especially on paper. If the loan is done by contract you can only file a civil suit and Saeed...

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Counterfeitr Copier Drum - IMAGE WAREHOUSE; aka CELLINKNTONER

September 16, 2014, dick342

Company sold Brother Copier Drum as "New Brother Drum" (OEM) but repackaged. When my former drum ran out of useful life, I installed this drum. Within three or four weeks the drum began smudging copies. I cleaned the drum several times, which sometimes helped for a few copies, but always then smudged again. I tried to call the company six to eight times only to receive a message mashine which said the call was important, leave a message and they would call back. No call back to me was made. A company rep could not be reached. ...

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Joe Biden's VAWA Law Is Just A Mechanism Of Social Control - VAWA - Violence Against Womens Act

September 10, 2014, Boris Yelnick

Just like every other federal law that makes one class of people superior than another class of people because they have "special protected status," Joe Biden's VAWA law allows con-artist, lesbian, feminazi, organized crime, terrorist criminal females to rob innocent men blind of their homes, money, wealth, hard work, children, and very freedom, based merely upon a comment or statement to a cop. There does not have to be any evidence. And if there is no evidence, these women are allowed to go back with police assistance, and...

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Complete Nightmare - Wellington Retreat

September 4, 2014, joshsmith

Wellington Retreat is the absolute worst place you can send a family member. If the counless posts are not enough... I was an employee there he trains his unlicensed staff to treat the patients horrible belittling them. if your looking for a good docto and rehab this is not the place to go. Trust me the doctor never has one on one sessions with his patients and has unlicensed staff members dispense controlled substance like suboxone. He puts his patients through a four day cold turkey protocol before even seeing them. the only communication he...

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They were very helpful - Whyle Direct LLC

August 17, 2014, nillow

I came in contact with them in early 2009 and I had alot of trouble placing product. They helped not only place product but find a way to increase sale.

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Labor Dispute w/ JEFF RANDOL - Consumer Education Outreach

August 7, 2014, CSR

This place wrongfully discharged me and I was forced to work unpaid for Jeff Randol. I am fed up with this place and leaving. We get all these speeches about the place being called CEO because we are in charge of our lives. A preacher named Charles comes and walks around telling us we need to change. It makes everyone feel weird. The cops are reviewing the place because people are getting caught for being involved. I am working on getting paid for all the time owed and never looking back.

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refuse to deliver parts offered in adds after the sale - Fidelity Ventures,Dallas Texas

August 6, 2014, stone113

Joey the salesmen stopped responding to our calls when we wanted the remote for the vehicle ,cant lock the car as there is a short in the drivers door that wont allow it to lock using the key.. the manager Joe keeps saying joey is not in...passing the they will not take our calls at all...they also took out the owners manual and maintenance schedule books..they will say they were not in the car..thats odd that all the other paper work from the ownership of the car were in the vehicle..but online they sell from 75-150 dollars..the...

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Nathan Rollinson of Berlin offence of impersonating public officer - Nathan Rollinson

August 1, 2014, Management Consultancy

Nathan Rollinson, also known as Nathan James Rollinson, who - in July 2014 - moved from Prague to Berlin - has repeatedly made false claims that he practises as a doctor. Nathan Rollinson is really dishonest and not trustworthy. When asked why he made statement A, he'll go and make statement B to cover for statement A, it does not make any sense except to him, statement B is a lie too and since it doesn't make sense he gets asked about it and he will use statement C to cover for statement B, except that statement C is also a lie...

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The Best Volunteer and Employee - Teresa Violet Arasheben

July 28, 2014, Henry

Teresa Violet Arasheben has been, by far, our best advocate and hardest worker. She has dedicated numerous hours to helping at pur shelter and donating services.

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Outlandish Charges to Credit Card - JWR Exotic Bird Air Systems

July 27, 2014, sumpf32

Ordered one of these systems. It was sent and credit card charged almost twice what price he talked about. He was very deceptive on the phone. I will never by anything from this person again. I have been able to recreate filter from items I found at a good local hardware store. I do not believe his claims about filters and have retained a couple of originals for lab analysis. Never ever buy this system and never let him near your credit card. Also he did not send an invoice with purchase. I have never had that happen before.

Filled under: Unauthorized Charges, Location: United States Venus Hurst is a con artist - Scam

July 23, 2014, LisaDanner

I worked for her an never got paid. found out Venus Hurst also owns, www.DollFaceBrand , She is an africian american woman and is notorious for money cons and shady business dealings. EVERYONE!!! BEWARE. Donot do Business with this woman you will be SCAMMED. this con artist lives an does business in Detroit Michigan

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Svetlana Aleksandrovna Osipova, Saratov, Russian Scammer Extorts 10 000 USDs - Svetlana Aleksandrovna Osipova

July 23, 2014, Hidden

I really wish I did a search on this girl, as reports are written about her all over the internet. Her name is Svetlana Osipova, and she is from Russia, in a city called Saratov. I met this girl from an online dating website, and flew over to Saratov to meet up with her from San Francisco. I initially was about to book a hotel for myself online, but she insisted that she could get a cheaper place for me in Saratov as she had connections. I intended to stay for 8 days. She said all up the apartment she got for me would cost 500 USD...

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refunds - chad hatten houston

July 22, 2014, chad hatten houston

chad hatten Houston will not give refunds

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Scam Artists - Elliott Management, LLC

July 17, 2014, BernieG

They do it out of Silver Spring, Md. The primary bastard is: David Alfonso Washington, aka Harry Dolan, Harrison Dolan, Harrison Paul Dolan (not to be confused with the real one in VA who is an innocent man), aka, Harry Bruce He started on as BEACHMANINLOVE, he is a 419 Scam Artist, posed as General Colines Smith, he has 90 identities, he took $250,000.00 dollars from me in a gold scam. I want to post his picture, but this space won't let me.

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Cancelled my order 58bridesmaid? total refund? - wedding dress

July 17, 2014, Edith2290

would i get a refund because i cancelled it just now and it ordered it 2 hours ago. It's not 24 hours and apparently a total refund can be given if the dress is cancelled with in 24 hours. I don't know why I feel quite scared because I don't want to get conned due to this website.would i get full refund from

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Loved the website. - Subhash Jewellers chandigarh

July 16, 2014, alysaray

Loved the website. It was easy to order. I also appreciated the security questions. Many places don't do that and they should. Thank you! I will buy from you again.Subhash Jewellers

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food poisoning. Johnathon Bolwell -

July 10, 2014, Bonnyc

Johnathon Bolwell oakland-catering Catered our event and we all got bad food poisoning. Still recovering. Beware!

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Christopher Trotter food poisoning - Christopher Trotter

July 10, 2014, Bonnyc

fifefoodambassador Christopher Trotter he catered our event and we all got bad food poisoning. still recovering.

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July 5, 2014, Sergey Brin Google Deformation

Sergey Brin Founder Google has created an Internet Service that is destroying business and families lives with Black Hat SEO blasting their business services and families names to pornography for Google money. There arn't any pornography people with the names that are trashed for pages under 1000's of others video's. Some of young babies and child pictures. Google is a global trash dumpster of abuse. Now, it's time to expose this with Sergey Brin's name. Glad Italy won the "right to be forgotten." The Internet goes both ways. Professors and others are being destroyed who spent their lives obtaining a Phd.

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Clarissa Burton Chicago Con Woman Childrens book author - Clarissa Burton Queen Of The Pen Global Woman of Color BWE John Mcadams

June 23, 2014, gotcha84

A lawsuit is being filed agains Clarissa Burton, she continues to lie, stalk, defame and harass a Hollywood PR firm and continues to try and do battle with the owner. She is a lying scorned old lady, that is really jealous of the owner of the company. She continues to lie and attack, seems like she is off of her meds again. She is very bi-polar, demonic, deranged, scorned, hateful, old, and a narcissist. Who cares about spelling, when they are doing wonderful things and making money. Clarissa hates this girl because she prettier, smarter, and...

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