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Deceptive Practices - Barnes & Noble

December 17, 2014, robbie 87

On 12/1 -- Cyber Monday -- I placed an order with B&N online because they were offering a 25% discount on the highest priced item, which was valid for only 24 hrs. But B&N ran the credit card on 12/3 and the discount was not applied. Online the order indicated the discount was applied but it wasn't. In the latest credit card bill every item in the order was charged the full amount. It wasn't the savings that were the most important; it was the principal. I don't know about you but I'm sick of getting...

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Services not rendered, refuses to refund money issued - SimplyME TV Distribution

December 9, 2014, Michael

Krystol Cameron, also know as Kyrs, and his company SimplyME TV Distribution scammed our company out of $500.00 for promising television broadcast distribution services to Dish Network (Video on Demand). We have seen reports of others getting scammed for similar amounts ranging from $400 to $500. They also promise distribution acquisitions over other broadcast network platforms such as Verizon Fios, Comcast, NBC, Time Warner, Roku, Direct TV, etc. and have been known of asking for $3,500 a month and up. Krystol Cameron...

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FundraisingDONOTCALLviolation - Association for Union Democracy (Miriam Lazewatsky)

December 1, 2014, stfuMiriamLazewatsky

I send a small donation to the Association for Union Democracy, thinking I'm doing the right thing. Well, you know what they say about good deeds going punished... Before I knew it, I was getting called over and over by these guys, begging for more money. I tried to be patient and explain that I'm on the DONOTCALL registry. Finally, I ask to talk to a supervisor. They transfer me to some clerk named Miriam Lazewatsky (I think I got the name right; she was chewing like a cow on something on the phone...hard to hear her over the...

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Miriam Lazewatsky (Stone Lark, miribella) drunk, incompetent, arrogant - Miriam Lazewatsky Miribella Designs

November 30, 2014, atheologistDOTtumblr

The lazy flabby wench took _months_ to even acknowledge my PayPal payment. She tried to cover her arse by complaining that she was "multitasking" too much (I later learned that, by "I'm multitasking too much," Lazewatsky meant she was trying to "manage" her "business" on her cubicle computer at the Association for Union Democracy...) By now, I should have known what to expect when she "finished" her "work" for me: Lazewatsky turned out to be incompetent! Maybe I should have let it go...

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Non Payment & Cheating -

November 26, 2014, Chandrashekar

I joined but after I reached $ 25000 five times, I was never paid and everytime I requested I was told by email if you want to get your payment soon you must upgrade your account! then you will get your payment in 7 days. It's the best way to get your payment soon. When I paid & became a Gold member & then asked for my money, I was asked to pay a 1 time transfer fee of $ 200 to get your paypermails payment in 24 hours. WHEN I PAID $ 200 AS ONE TIME TRANSFER FEE, I GET A MAIL FROM MAIL...

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Be Extremely Careful to Take Extra Precautions Who You Rent Out to! - Cemara Apartment Bandar Sri Permaisuri Cheras 56000 KL.

November 21, 2014, cemara2002

Be Extremely Careful to Take Extra Precautions Who You Rent Out to! Please advice owner of unit NEVER to convert to hostel as it's illegal! NEVER rent out to these Indian Hooligans! Only rent to responsible family and other quiet decent occupants. NEVER rent out to illegal immigrants (Pendatang Haram's) , foreign workers (pekerja asing) & other suspicious characters.

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fraud - Net Squares Ins

October 28, 2014, Zada

Mark Grinshpun and Vadim Tsatskin worked together as Global Energy Group. Still now they are together as " Net Squares Ins" & "New York Capital Corporation". All their work is scam and a sham and so many people had been set up. Attention:MARK GRINSHPUN is a computer hacker who hacked and stole the Microsoft CRM. He lied about everything. Do not do any businesses with this person. All his network is fraud. People was so badly abused and terrorized by Mark Grinshpun and Vadim Tsastskin. Mark Grinshpun has been reported to Toronto Police and York Police

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FRAUD! Buffy MARIE Campbell aka MARIA PAULSON (503) 583-9202 - Curl Appeal Construction CCB 203543 - BUFFY MARIE CAMPBELL

October 28, 2014, Kerry

efore you hire Curb Appeal Construction CCB 203543, please do background check on Steven Kenneth Louie and Buffy Marie Campbell ( aka Maria Paulson ). They are both felons on the run. Steven Kenneth Louie was caught in September 2014 and serving time in Multnomah County Jail. Whereas Buffy MARIE Campbell ( aka MARIA PAULSON ) is still at large. There are warrants for her...

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Chipped Dresser - Arizona Discount Movers

October 27, 2014, Rich

Workers put a huge chip in the leg of my dresser and after putting a claim in and waiting 6 weeks I called and asked what was going on with the claim. I got a call back from Jay and he left an vmail that said please call back so we can close the claim. I did not get a chance to call back that day because I was at work late and I received a check in the mail the next day for $54. Not a good way to do business. This was my third move with them and the previous moves were great. I would not use this company again if I had to move again.

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Axis Human Capital Limited Consumer Review - Axis Human Capital Limited

October 23, 2014, bordleaueuge

Are you exhausted of your present job? Are you between careers and need to find employment fast? Axis Human Capital Limited, is a group of companies that is particular in socially-conscious human development firm based in Ghana which is a free internet-based tool, can help you find employment opportunities across the country. I used this site in 2009 to find a job after just moving to Jakarta Indonesia to find a better employment chance. Axis Human Capital Limited lets you search for employment breaks in definite areas (cities, zip code...

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Lost my business, thanks to AXIS Capital Group, Singapore! - Axis Capital Group Singapore

October 8, 2014, kirstypope

I am writing this to make you all knowledgeable of so many complaints I have against this company. In June 2013, I purchased a new Caterpillar 312cl excavator from Axis Capital Group, Singapore for 82000 plus VAT and interest on the finance. The computer went in the machine. The side door fell off it; the starter went in it; the batteries went in it; the track adjusters went in it; the ignition went in it; the alternator went in it; all within a year of purchasing it. Axis refused to fix the machine. It was minded like a baby, polished and...

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Axis capital Group, Singapore Review - Axis Capital Group Singapore

October 2, 2014, axiscapitalgrp

In 2013, I purchased a 2012 new freightliner classic with a c-15 acert engine from Axis Capital Group, Singapore. The truck was transported all the way to Jakarta Indonesia, it ran ok for two years with the exception of both turbos blowing about once a year which I know now is an over pressuring issue these engines have, noticed as well in repeated air compressor failures. This truck was brought to the dealership; it was purchased at every third week for an expensive oil change and complete inspection, "all documented". My...

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Formal Complaint - Axis Capital Group, Inc.

September 25, 2014, luanja0

I am writing to make a formal complaint against the Axis Capital Group, Inc. located at 4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 500 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292. On my first contact with this company the as soon as we moved to CA from Jakarta Indonesia, they were impressive. They were the only one from many calls I received from many mortgage companies that was considerate and not pushy. We went through the pre-approval process which now I see was nothing more than pulling credit.  After we had a pre-approval we made a proposal on a home and that is when it...

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September 25, 2014, Jo

This company claims they get big orders from famous corporations for digital gadgets and devices such as laptops etc. They ask for you to take part by caughing up thousands and that you will profit in a week. In the end you will never see or hear from them again. The owners name is Saeed Khan. Secretary name is Arlene Mayorca Ratto Khan. They have extended family memebers that take part in the scam as well. WATCH OUT! Do not loan them money and especially on paper. If the loan is done by contract you can only file a civil suit and Saeed...

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Counterfeitr Copier Drum - IMAGE WAREHOUSE; aka CELLINKNTONER

September 16, 2014, dick342

Company sold Brother Copier Drum as "New Brother Drum" (OEM) but repackaged. When my former drum ran out of useful life, I installed this drum. Within three or four weeks the drum began smudging copies. I cleaned the drum several times, which sometimes helped for a few copies, but always then smudged again. I tried to call the company six to eight times only to receive a message mashine which said the call was important, leave a message and they would call back. No call back to me was made. A company rep could not be reached. ...

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Joe Biden's VAWA Law Is Just A Mechanism Of Social Control - VAWA - Violence Against Womens Act

September 10, 2014, Boris Yelnick

Just like every other federal law that makes one class of people superior than another class of people because they have "special protected status," Joe Biden's VAWA law allows con-artist, lesbian, feminazi, organized crime, terrorist criminal females to rob innocent men blind of their homes, money, wealth, hard work, children, and very freedom, based merely upon a comment or statement to a cop. There does not have to be any evidence. And if there is no evidence, these women are allowed to go back with police assistance, and...

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Complete Nightmare - Wellington Retreat

September 4, 2014, joshsmith

Wellington Retreat is the absolute worst place you can send a family member. If the counless posts are not enough... I was an employee there he trains his unlicensed staff to treat the patients horrible belittling them. if your looking for a good docto and rehab this is not the place to go. Trust me the doctor never has one on one sessions with his patients and has unlicensed staff members dispense controlled substance like suboxone. He puts his patients through a four day cold turkey protocol before even seeing them. the only communication he...

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They were very helpful - Whyle Direct LLC

August 17, 2014, nillow

I came in contact with them in early 2009 and I had alot of trouble placing product. They helped not only place product but find a way to increase sale.

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Labor Dispute w/ JEFF RANDOL - Consumer Education Outreach

August 7, 2014, CSR

This place wrongfully discharged me and I was forced to work unpaid for Jeff Randol. I am fed up with this place and leaving. We get all these speeches about the place being called CEO because we are in charge of our lives. A preacher named Charles comes and walks around telling us we need to change. It makes everyone feel weird. The cops are reviewing the place because people are getting caught for being involved. I am working on getting paid for all the time owed and never looking back.

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refuse to deliver parts offered in adds after the sale - Fidelity Ventures,Dallas Texas

August 6, 2014, stone113

Joey the salesmen stopped responding to our calls when we wanted the remote for the vehicle ,cant lock the car as there is a short in the drivers door that wont allow it to lock using the key.. the manager Joe keeps saying joey is not in...passing the they will not take our calls at all...they also took out the owners manual and maintenance schedule books..they will say they were not in the car..thats odd that all the other paper work from the ownership of the car were in the vehicle..but online they sell from 75-150 dollars..the...

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