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Robs Dead Fathers Estate Blind - Tony Fehrenbacher

February 21, 2017, Dick

Anthony Fehrenbacher / Missouri Citation 16-992 Morgan County Sheriff's Office recorded a citation against Anthony William Fehrenbacher, Jackie Weber Fehrenbacher & Elizabeth Fehrenbacher. The citation prohibits them from entering the property owned by Dale Fehrenbacher. It is also noted Anthony Fehrenbacher is noted as the primary suspect in the recent burglary and vandalism of the property in Morgan County. Items Reported Missing: 1937 Model A John Deere Tractor (restored) 1960 Ford Tractor and mower Johnson Gun...

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Gary Dumais-Psycho Woman Beating,Sexual Abusing Psychologist - Gary Dumais Select Human Rescources

February 14, 2017, dumaisvictim

Gary Dumais of 742 Uber ST Philadelphia PA ( and Select Human Resources and Delta Consultants and Vantage Group phone 215-901-4589 -(not to be confused with the Gary Dumais in MAine) ) is a lying, cheating, alcoholic,woman beating psychopath. Gary Dumais is a dangerous and highly unstable individual.As if all the cheating with random Tinder skanks and Chicago & Philadelphia escorts h00kers wasn't bad enough- add psycho and tons of abuse to Gary Dumais' bucket. Gary Dumais is finally being exposed for the horrible,abusive psychopath...

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ebay seller topsignedbooks sold fake signed Carrie Fisher books to customers on ebay - ebay

January 14, 2017, JoelLooper

This criminal up to no good again and back to his own way scamming the uninformed Satr Wars fans of the late Carrie Fisher by signing her signature on her new book to customers on ebay for outrageous high prices. Fans of her that know how she sign her autograph took it to ebay and complain leaving bad feedbacks for this jerk. Somehow this guy able to continue to sell. Everything about this seller is bad news. Stay far far away from this con or you'll be another victim of his scam. Sure, he get some books of unknown authors but the bigger...

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Judge Suspends Khang Advisory LLC for Shady Connections - Khang Advisory

January 11, 2017, BostonJD

My firm recently considered contracting with this company. It turned out "Khang Advisory LLC" is a shell company for just one person Van Khang. When we asked our usual background questions about her personal past and present associations, Khang's answers seemed evasive. So one of my associates followed up with a full background survey. A number of red flags popped up concerning this individual. Most disturbingly, we discovered Ms. Khang is closely linked to two convicted felons, one with a conviction for felony money-laundering...

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Ponzi Scheme report - Anthony Fehrenbacher Ponzi Scheme report

January 9, 2017, joewall

Ponzi Scheme Report I was writing an article on Ponzi Schemes from numerous reports / filings / chat rooms. I decided to check the validity of the filed reports and found numerous errors in the filings and then further found the the reports that were filed by these so claimed victims never took the time to reply to the report that they feel they were scammed. The main site i found was Rip Off Report. This site is For Profit, but yet allows people to file erroneous reports on people with very little validation to the report filed...

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Best Deal for Buy and Lease BG/SBLC - intertekfinanceplc

January 9, 2017, richardson111

We are a Finance industry professionals with over 15 Years Experience and a focus on providing Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), MTN (Mid Term Note), LTN (Long Term Note), Monetization and Non Recourse Funding from some of the World Top 25 Prime Banks primarily from Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Credit Suisse e.t.c. FEATURES: Bank Guarantees & SBLC’s in Standard Formats from Major Banks! Amounts from $5 million to 5 Billion+ Euro’s or US Dollars Great Attorney Trust Account...

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Sales person lied about everything to get my deposit - Armstrongsteel

December 31, 2016, Richard Clark

Sales people tell you what you want to hear,when you sign and give deposit,it changes and you can get your deposit back,you can talk to the owner,you talk to lawer.not a good way to do business.

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Incompetent "Doctor" Nader Armanious - Fraud  - Incompetent "Doctor" Nader Armanious - Fraud 

December 6, 2016, Ramy Akram

Incompetent "Doctor" Nader Armanious - Fraud  Paramount City I'm not convinced for a minute that this so called "Doctor" is a true licensed doctor with a medical degree from the United States. This idiot can't even speak proper English.  I came to him for my injury and he kept on asking me to come back several times for absolutely NO reason other than billing my insurance company for services never been rendered. I checked his background and I asked around and  discovered that his medical degree from some third...

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Soft and Good Volume - Hair style Exports

November 7, 2016, hairstyleexports

I order the Brazilian hair and just had it weaved in this past weekend. I feel wonderful by wear it. It is good full volume bundle. The texture is soft and smooth. Manages well till now. I have had many weave and use lot of different types of hair; this is the best feeling that I have used.

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Using Woman for Sex & whatever else this "Taker" can get: - Darren Ambler: Player: womanizer: Liar: Con-man

August 18, 2016, Sociopath_Damen42

I know it takes two to tango and i take responsibility for my part in this. I had a physical relationship with Darren Ambler. I guess I shouldn’t mince words- Darren and I had a sexual affair. He did provoke it- he came on to me and I gave in to his sexual advances. I have deep regret for the whole thing. There was no emotional attachment and I had no feelings for Darren at all. It just happened. The first time was awkward and he was lousy in bed. Seemed scared- lonely - inexperienced. I was very unsatisfied every time we had sex. ...

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Susan B. Henner a Disgusting Lawyer Refused to Help Me Unless I Gave Her Sex - Susan B. Henner

August 17, 2016, albana ivezaj

Susan Henner, Attorney at Law Worst Immigration Lawyer, Dumbest Immigration Attorney, Most Unethical Attorney, Sexual Harasser of Clients White Plains, New York Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Reported by: Albana Ivezaj - Harrison, New York USA I came to see Susan Henner late last year because I was out of status and was the victim of a white female smuggling ring that kidnapped me and forced me to come from the former Yugoslavia to France and then to New York where I have been forced to work in sex clubs and...

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August 6, 2016, ptlabchem

Welcome to Pt Lab Chemistry. Pt Lab Chemical LAB is a private chemical trade company. We provide the best solutions of cleaning Anti breeze and defaced bank notes. We have no upfront fees, we work with commission. We also provide all chemicals need, anywhere in the world we can sent a Technician to do the job. We are located in Johannesburg, South Africa Email:

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Dating Website Stalker: Player: Con- Man: - Darren Ambler

July 26, 2016, baby_damen

Darren Ambler is from Southern NJ. He is a 38 year old disturbed individual. Darren is a Pharmacist by trade. He is a former drug abuser. He was hospitalized at least twice for narcotic addiction. He is Divorced and has turned into a Player- womanizer- con - man and liar. Mr Ambler has serious psychological problems and is currently a dating web site stalker. He was a dud his whole life with no girlfriends- homely with no personality. He has turned into a player- stalker- womanizer and he is obsessed with sex and filthy sex...

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There is no any jam tangan couple there - Jam Tangan Couple

July 21, 2016, Mark

I was searching a special gift for my girl. Then I found it, <a href=''>Jam Tangan Couple</a> but when I see that page they have nothing to display. It is so weired. They said that have any product jam tangan couple.

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High cost and bad service - League Cheats: CSGO CSS CS1.6 TF2 - VAC2 CEVO ESL FACEIT EAC

July 14, 2016, heyimgay

Paid a lot of money because I heard this was a good product, I was mistaken. Basically no support after they take your money, with tickets being responded to by someone who could communicate well in English. Problem was never solved and they would not refund me even though the software did not work. Basically a bad business. Avoid at all costs.

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BEWARE!! SCAM ARTIST!! - Stephanie Maddox in San Antonio, TX

July 9, 2016, txspal

Stephanie Maddox (aka Stephanie Weaver and Stephanie Feike) scammed my friend out of over $130,000 over 9 mo time. He thought they were dating and then engaged for 6 months. She sent him many emails stating she looked forward to marrying him (including nude videos of herself), all the while claiming she needed a few thousand for this, another few thousand for that. So he kept shelling it out for her, thinking they'd be married soon. Stephanie Maddox claimed to be a live-in nanny for a guy that had a baby girl. She claimed that he...

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SCAM ARTIST!!! - Stephanie Maddox/Weaver/Feike in San Antonio, TX

July 9, 2016, txpal

Scammed my friend out of over $130,000 over 9 mo time. He thought they were dating and engaged. She sent him many emails stating she looked forward to marrying him (including nude videos of herself), all the while stating she needed a few thousand for this, another few thousand for that. So he kept shelling it out for her, thinking they'd be married soon. She claimed to be a live-in nanny for a guy that had a baby girl. She claimed that he wouldn't let her give out his home address, so my friend never knew where she lived...

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Clothing Order - Stag Apparel Limited UK

July 9, 2016,

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. I had a 6 month consultation for this company to manufacture my garments, I just recently started up a new clothing brand which I was very excited about. I came across these guys on the Internet and they sounded very professional and exactly what I wanted for my business. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM I was very sceptical to pay full price over Western Union as they did not accept payment via pay pal or bank transfer. Weird. Anyway, soon as I paid £25000 for a sample and bulk it's like they didn't...

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Fraud - Hernando County Solar - ANTHONY PRALL

July 2, 2016, swillis

Hernando County Solar and Anthony Prall is a complete FRAUD so BEWARE. He is NOT LICENSED or INSURED, call the Hernando County Permitting Dept. to confirm at 352-754-4050. Just google the name Anthony Prall and Ripoff Report and you'll find many consumers ripped off by him with several different products. BEWARE- DON'T CALL HIM. You'll be sorry you did!

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Child Abuse - Bo Kelleher Of Ladera Ranch California

June 15, 2016, Stephane

Bo Kelleher came into my family home and had sex with my wife with my two younger kids in the home while I was married to my X he is a STALKER

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