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July 31, 2013, DK

TO ALL JEWELERS: Please note that of Atlanta, Georgia is NOT AFFILIATED with The Watch Broker Inc. in Marietta, Georgia You can VERIFY The Watch Broker Inc.'s top rating in the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). The Watch Broker, Inc. sells ONLY to THE TRADE and not the public.

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Susan Nunez - Susan Nunes Ny Midget Sideshow Strippers

July 20, 2013, left4deadmeat

Susan Nunez has quite the reputation throughout NY for one of the freakiest sideshow events you could ever imagine. Susan's group is quite the act of deviant little suckers...with Susan's claim to fame was her ability to swallow ANYTHING. We ordered two strippers from Susan Nunes after getting rave reviews from a few friends here in NYC. We sprang for a "2 Feuer 1" special, as they called it, and I have to say, I was quite displeased. Apparently Susan Feuer has more than a sideshow for sale, and her midget 2 for 1 was only half as long as the duck she swallowed. Thanks Susan.

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Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Relationships - Irina Borisenko Sergei Borisenko

July 18, 2013, Andrea

Pavel Borisenko tells many lies. I knew Pavel made sex with many women while in love with me. I read the Internet reports and also knew of Pavel's past history. Pavel told stories of his mother with men for sex and money in Belarus and the US. Pavel's mother Irina was having sex with many men while married to his father Sergei, Pavel's hero, but an addicted alcoholic. Irina Borisenko moved to the US and began having sex with hundreds of men for money while still married to Pavel's father Sergei and living with her 70 year old...

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No ethics esthetician - Irina Borisenko

July 17, 2013, Stephani

Irina Borisenko filled in for my clients when I was on vacation, out of town, or not available. She stole many of my clients and I discovered she was having sex with many of my men clients. Irina stole my tips from my customers that they left for me. Irina told me that men give her big tips because she provides sex in her private massage room. I've seen Irina put her hands in men's pants when they have their eyes closed getting a facial massage. I've seen Irina giving men blow jobs in her private room. I've seen Irina on...

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Abusive parent, Sex Business, Sex Facial Business - IRINA BORISENKO

July 16, 2013, Vladamir

Irina Borisenko came to American to find an old man to raise her young son. Irina Borisenko took weeks of riding the bus, subway, and walking the streets and Central Park until she found a man with enough money to give her a free room for her and son. Irina Borisenko didn't care if men were old and ugly. Irina Borisenko gave this man sex in return for raising her son and a free apartment to live. Irina Borisenko didn't care if she had to use her body to get men and loved them spend money on her for clothes, jewelry, lingerie...

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Teresa Violet Arasheben an Outstanding Volunteer - Teresa Violet Arasheben

July 1, 2013, Charity For Shelters

Teresa Violet Arasheben has a genuinely kind heart. She has donated numerous hours of pro bono work to help people in homeless shelters and to put together packages for their holidays.

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Jeff Fordley - Jeff Fordley F and W Construction

June 29, 2013, Wendy

I was scammed by this person and found out later that he has scammed several others in the area. He started the job with demolition (the only thing he did well), and he showed up each day to win my trust (but moved slowly—smoked a lot of cigarettes and wasted time). Then he found more and more things “wrong” with my home. It’s all part of the scam. He knew my husband had just passed away and that I was very vulnerable. He kept calling me to different locations at different times to indicate new “problems” he had found. He asked for more...

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Teresa violet arasheben is a hard worker - Teresa violet arasheben

June 28, 2013, Volunteers of America

Teresa Violet Arasheben is a great friend of ours and a good co- worker. She has always been willing to go out of her way to help people.

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June 27, 2013, ari

Sarah Megan Flauta (DoB 08/29/1986) and George Henry Flauta, III (DoB 08/05/1982) lied and stole money through identity theft and student loan fraud. Since this is indeed a serious crime, we are warning others about the fraud. It is best not to trust Sarah Flauta (aka Sarah Grodsky) and George Flauta. They are also using children to lie and steal thousands of dollars. Children are named Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta (DoB 01/26/2006) and Kimiko Raelynn Flauta (DoB 01/20/2009). Alicia Flauta? Sarah...

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Unprofessional and rude - Write Chicks

June 25, 2013, georgefunnyc

What a terrible, awful business! I have been working in academia for several years now and now and then I look for a good proof-reading editing service. I came across (great name right?- NOT!) and emailed them regarding their services. That's when the nightmare began. So unprofessional! First on their website they charge $2.50 a page which is total, absolute nonsense. I have a PhD and I had a very good proof-reader/editor who only charged me $1 a page which is very professional and...

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June 23, 2013, sshukla

MAIDEN VOYAGE CONSULTANTS (headed by Saurav Mukherjee and his wife Paromita Mukherjee) has cheated a huge number of merchant navy aspirants from different parts of INDIA. They duped huge sums of money from many aspiring candidates promising them to provide merchant navy training and to provide them placements in shipping companies. The courses that they offered (i.e A 3 months Pre Sea training for Cadets from India or Bangkok) are basically useless as they are not approved by IMO (international Maritime Organization) and neither these course...

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BEWARE!!!! George Flauta - CHILD MOLESTER!!!! - George Flauta (DoB 08/05/1982) of 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026

June 15, 2013, Child Molestation Services

George Flauta, Sarah Grodsky, Sabriel Flauta, Kimiko Flauta Social Security Numbers, Date of Births, etc. are listed online. Also, others involved including: Tracy Lynn Grodsky-Dunn, Allen Ray Grodsky, Holly Grodsky, Jenny Archer, Kelsey Root, Clair Flauta, etc. Do not trust George Henry Flauta! He is a scammer and thief, has stolen thousands of dollars from people using two girls named Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta and Kimiko Raelynn Flauta. Has BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!! PSYCHOLOGICALLY & MENTALLY...

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Construction Contractor Fraud and Theft - F & W Contractors Jeff Fordley Construction

June 13, 2013, chana

I was scammed by this person and found out later that he has scammed several others in the area. He started the job with demolition (the only thing he did well), and he showed up each day to win my trust (but moved slowly—smoked a lot of cigarettes and wasted time). Then he found more and more things “wrong” with my home. It’s all part of the scam. He knew my husband had just passed away and that I was very vulnerable. He kept calling me to different locations at different times to indicate new “problems” he had found. He asked for more...

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Not paying artists/entertainers for New Beginnings Concert 12/21/12 - Mindpix Corporation

June 4, 2013, Mickey

This public traded company, Mindpix Corporation put on a concert on 12/21/12 called the "New Beginnings Concert" as a celebration that we survived the so-called Mayan Apocalypse. There's many entertainers that still haven't gotten paid from this show. I myself submitted an invoice to then-President and CEO Armando Almirall for a $1000 for my DJ service for the concert on 12/25/12. Finally got an answer from his secretary, Reina Zeigler on 2/19/13 that payment would be sent out in a week. It's now June and not a word from this company since then.

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Emile Bouari Founder Con Artist - and NXT Revenue

June 3, 2013, sam

This company is just one of the latest knockoff versons of the three times name changed weight loss programs from the con artist Emile Bouari.(AKA Bouvari) If you look him up on google you will see over 30 complaints throughout all the listed links talking about his fraud. He has single handedly ruined dozens of peoples lives by crashing the Bouari clinic franchise and re-opening under a new name just to make more money. He left behind numerous franchise owners who lost over $200,000 to $300,000 of their life savings. BUYER BEWARE

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Virgin mobile2go Data Usage Fraud - Virgin Mobile2go

May 30, 2013, jack_ruben

I recently bought one Gigabyte data from Virgin Mobile for $20. On the first hour of usage doing simple internet browsing _ no video streaming, my data usage went from 0 to 250 megabytes and that was odd to me. A couple of days later I logged on doing non data intensive browsing the pages of a University, my connection suddenly got disconnected and when I logged back in; my data usage suddenly went from 528 Megabytes to over 900 Megabytes and my data usage history which used to be functional when I used their service a while ago i...

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Ripped off $280! - /

May 29, 2013, morgan0

Online private tobacco club. Ordered a few times, but this time they lost their shipper and now say their new shipper doesn't deliver to my zipcode. Won't refund my money. Get a runaround from any associated email or message board and so-called sponsor, Capt. Jack. My money still shows in my account, but can't be accessed. I have read others in my situation are blocked from entering site now altogether! Co. associated with a Panama address & a Nebraska address. I'm so poor, just looking for an affordable cigarette. Now just poorer...and stupid to boot! Stay away from them!

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Focalprice RIPOFF ! -

May 29, 2013, Calidan

Bought a tablet from and it took many weeks longer to receive it than they promised. The tablet failed right away and now I have been waiting MONTHS for them to honor the 1 year warranty on this lousy piece of junk. Focalprice continues to ignore my warranty requests which means they simply are an EXTREMELY DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. Only a fool would buy anything from Focalprice. RUN from Focalprice, they CANNOT BE TRUSTED ! ! !

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fraud - power wests inc / john vogel (john voegel)

May 28, 2013, julie rango

no working model after hundreds of thousands invested with stocks worth 0., over the corse of 5 years or so. co disolved,started new corp and still asking for money. promised stock conversion but guess what? he cant or wont deliver, always putting us off. he preys on older people like my father he is 90.

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May 28, 2013, brianj42brian

BRYAN TALBOT/LESLIE/BULGARIA/RENTAL FRAUD/SCAM/CHERRY TREE HOUSE/PAEDOPHILE Christopher Biggins has lashed out at child sex abusers, including Bryan Talbot, claiming the ‘scum’ should be executed for their crimes. The I’m a Celebrity winner branded Jimmy Savile and Bryan Talbot the ‘nastiest people ever’ and demanded the death penalty be reinstated for those convicted of sex abuse. Barely able to contain his anger towards the likes of Savile and Bryan Talbot, who pleaded guilty to child abuse earlier thi...

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