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Nothing but trouble – Westhill Consulting Insurance - Westhill Consulting Insurance

October 26, 2013, mimibickle

In the scale of 1 to 10 I’m giving Westhill insurance Consulting a negative score! We have had many awful experiences from them over the years so I feel that I should take responsibility making the people aware of I have been very disappointed with Westhill Consulting insurance. For almost two years of being a customer of them we got nothing but disappointments, constant dissatisfactions. At first they were all good and showing kindness but eleven months after we got our policy it is almost hard to reach them. Its either no one can...

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Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours - Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

October 26, 2013, shanemac618

Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours I am taking time to write this review to warn people about this so that they wont experience the same thing we did. How do I even begin this review? How can I summarize the terror I endured? Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is suppose to be. They obviously got no talent in client service. Let us start with how unprofessional and gauche the receptionist is at Westhill...

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October 14, 2013, bellababy

This man has robbed so many ppl to support his crack habit!!! He gets high for days with the money he robbs from u!!! He needs to pay!!!! How has he not!!!! He is a theif so he can spend all that money on drugs n I mean all!! What is wrong with his mmother? ?? And sister to defend him he needs to pay!!!!!! He is a crimal robbing familys!!!! No different than home invasions or steeling from a store!!!! I really hope...

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NC DMV Investigation - Classic Chassis

October 10, 2013, Eric_Kavit

The North Carolina DMV is investigating Brian Clark and his activities operating the Classic Chassis company. If you have had any dealings with this individual or company please contact the lead investigator. Inspector R.M.Ashley State Law Enforcement Agent North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles License & Theft Bureau 3783 US 301 South Four Oaks, NC Office #919-934-3188 Fax #919-934-7197 E-Mail:

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Damage Cost: USD400 - Corliss Online Group Financial

October 10, 2013, aydanflabio

First off, the website banner shows colourful night scenes of probably some the world’s foremost financial centers. But the gaiety somewhat ends there. The entire site seems to be nothing but a drab, text-filled document in one-font size, with a few bold-faced highlights; but that is about all there is to see. No photos of what’s happening inside the stock exchange or even of a UAE Dirham or UK Pound. It appears as straightforward as a lease contract and even feels almost exactly like one -- a reader of the mag somehow senses he or she must...

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Yet another confusing website - Crown Capital Management International Relations Site

October 7, 2013, agataabban

Yet another confusing website This website is really making my head ache. Maybe this alone can sum up how much I am disappointed wasting my time reading on your articles and spending time trying to convince myself that I could see something that will somehow make sense in this website. But here I am I ended up writing this review so no one else will waste time reading on you. Yes you are a total waste. See, I am very grateful that you have very good intensions in starting a website with this kind of topic. It is impressive that you are...

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Make your website appealing - The crown capital management international relations

October 2, 2013, sakuraakeno

Make your website appealing Like you Mr. Nolan of Crown Capital Management International Relations Site I am very much concern to our environment and I admire you for putting up this kind of step to reach out to people. I like the fact that you are making people aware of what is truly happening to the environment. This is a great help, this will serve as an opener to people although I think you are lacking some strategies here. It lacks appeal. It isn’t striking, it isn’t eye catching, it is not something I will turn my head back if...

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REDO your HOMEPAGE! Here is how! - Crown Capital Management International Relations Site

October 2, 2013, axeljuddah

Your website is boring plus it seems to me that you do not know what you are doing and talking about. Your article are scattered and all over the place. What’s the use of your categories then when everything inside are all useless articles that do not go along with each other. When I click “home” I expect that I will be reading some things or background about the company but there is nothing there instead there are articles that are out place. Okay so here id what people are expecting to read in a home button. Okay, these tip...

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Bunch of lies - The crown capital management international relations

October 1, 2013, mhinhui

Bunch of lies of "The Crown Capital Management International Relations" Seriously, who reads from your website? I didn’t even know how I got here, I remember researching for environmental issues then poof I’m here and I am very disappointed but I continued anyway just so I have reasons to write you a review. People deserve to know that they are entering a nonsense zone. Oh well since I am here, let me give you some important lessons though I am no expert but I feel like I am a genius compare to you. “Welcome to The CROWN...

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I actually thought I finally found the perfect website I am looking for - The crown capital management international relations

September 27, 2013, mhinhui

I actually thought I finally found the perfect website I am looking for The crown capital management international relations So we were asked by our professor to research on the current issue about our environment and as we all know we are dealing on many. I thought it will be easy to research on this as per the rate our environment is going I bet it is a hot issue. I was right it is a hot issue but it isn’t easy to research. Why? Here is why! There are many frauds out there like this website. I totally wasted my time reading on...

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Green energy misuse of funds and bad checks passed to employees - Service Plus Dba Green stream solar & electric

September 18, 2013, Scott

Service plus Dba Green Stream solar & Electric #920599 . Winchester Ca. based Contractor and solar sales company. Misusing Solar funds , liens placed on buildings and homes for materials not paid .Hiring multiple employees to provide services for electrical contruction , estimating , and service work. Not paying these employees or giving them checks from closed accounts. .

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Fraud - Scam - Delinquent - Defaulted - Attivos Magisttrais Indústria e Comércio - Phramacopeia Com. Exp. e Impl Ltda - Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda

September 6, 2013, summit

Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda. (“Attivos”), a Brazilian company based in Goiás, has defaulted on the sale of materials by Summit and that the amount due and owing under said shipment is $12,000.00 U.S. dollars. Summit has made a demand for such payment, however Attivos has not responded. It is recommended that corporations worldwide be aware of the delinquent and fraudulent actions of Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda. September 4, 2013 United States Consulate Rua Henri Dunant, 500, Chácara Santo...

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Bisexual Prostitute Sarah Megan Grodsky with HPV and other STDs will f#ck anyone for money!!!!! - Sarah Megan Grodsky (DoB 08/29/1986) of 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026 (Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta, Kimiko Raelynn Flauta)

August 11, 2013, sarajek

Please watch out for this slut and prostitute named Sarah Grodsky also goes by the following names: Sarah Megan Grodsky Sarah Megan Flauta Sarah Ari Flauta Maiden Name: Sarah Megan Grodsky DoB: 08/29/1986 1324 Lambert Circle Lafayette, CO 80026 Cell: (720) 232-4300 Email:; Sarah's Father: Allen Ray Grodsky (1955) 1324 Lambert Circle Lafayette, CO 80026 Email: Sarah's Mother: Tracy Lynn Grodsky-Dunn (1961) 2202 Tamarron...

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July 31, 2013, DK

TO ALL JEWELERS: Please note that of Atlanta, Georgia is NOT AFFILIATED with The Watch Broker Inc. in Marietta, Georgia You can VERIFY The Watch Broker Inc.'s top rating in the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT). The Watch Broker, Inc. sells ONLY to THE TRADE and not the public.

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Susan Nunez - Susan Nunes Ny Midget Sideshow Strippers

July 20, 2013, left4deadmeat

Susan Nunez has quite the reputation throughout NY for one of the freakiest sideshow events you could ever imagine. Susan's group is quite the act of deviant little suckers...with Susan's claim to fame was her ability to swallow ANYTHING. We ordered two strippers from Susan Nunes after getting rave reviews from a few friends here in NYC. We sprang for a "2 Feuer 1" special, as they called it, and I have to say, I was quite displeased. Apparently Susan Feuer has more than a sideshow for sale, and her midget 2 for 1 was only half as long as the duck she swallowed. Thanks Susan.

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Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Relationships - Irina Borisenko Sergei Borisenko

July 18, 2013, Andrea

Pavel Borisenko tells many lies. I knew Pavel made sex with many women while in love with me. I read the Internet reports and also knew of Pavel's past history. Pavel told stories of his mother with men for sex and money in Belarus and the US. Pavel's mother Irina was having sex with many men while married to his father Sergei, Pavel's hero, but an addicted alcoholic. Irina Borisenko moved to the US and began having sex with hundreds of men for money while still married to Pavel's father Sergei and living with her 70 year old...

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No ethics esthetician - Irina Borisenko

July 17, 2013, Stephani

Irina Borisenko filled in for my clients when I was on vacation, out of town, or not available. She stole many of my clients and I discovered she was having sex with many of my men clients. Irina stole my tips from my customers that they left for me. Irina told me that men give her big tips because she provides sex in her private massage room. I've seen Irina put her hands in men's pants when they have their eyes closed getting a facial massage. I've seen Irina giving men blow jobs in her private room. I've seen Irina on...

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Abusive parent, Sex Business, Sex Facial Business - IRINA BORISENKO

July 16, 2013, Vladamir

Irina Borisenko came to American to find an old man to raise her young son. Irina Borisenko took weeks of riding the bus, subway, and walking the streets and Central Park until she found a man with enough money to give her a free room for her and son. Irina Borisenko didn't care if men were old and ugly. Irina Borisenko gave this man sex in return for raising her son and a free apartment to live. Irina Borisenko didn't care if she had to use her body to get men and loved them spend money on her for clothes, jewelry, lingerie...

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Teresa Violet Arasheben an Outstanding Volunteer - Teresa Violet Arasheben

July 1, 2013, Charity For Shelters

Teresa Violet Arasheben has a genuinely kind heart. She has donated numerous hours of pro bono work to help people in homeless shelters and to put together packages for their holidays.

Filled under: Law & Civil Rights, Location: United States

Jeff Fordley - Jeff Fordley F and W Construction

June 29, 2013, Wendy

I was scammed by this person and found out later that he has scammed several others in the area. He started the job with demolition (the only thing he did well), and he showed up each day to win my trust (but moved slowly—smoked a lot of cigarettes and wasted time). Then he found more and more things “wrong” with my home. It’s all part of the scam. He knew my husband had just passed away and that I was very vulnerable. He kept calling me to different locations at different times to indicate new “problems” he had found. He asked for more...

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