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Charged for a ring they didn't deliver - Glencara Irish Jewelry

April 27, 2014, marie

Bought a ring from Glencara as a b/day gift. Glencara promised a delivery time of 3-5 business days. The person's b/day came and went, and still no ring from Glencara. I've emailed them several times and also phoned their office in Ireland: I've received nothing but automated responses from them, and no one picks up their office phone even during business hours. They are, hands-down, the worst company I've ever dealt with. Will be filing a dispute with our credit card company. Then will be happy to never have to deal with this company again.

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Michael Wildes, Esq. - Wildes & Weinberg law firm

April 7, 2014, PedroRodriguez

Wildes & Weinberg is the worst immigration law firm in New York City, and possibly the United States. Their only claim to fame was that back in 1976 Leon Wildes who is the current owner Michael Wilde’s daddy, briefly talked to TV about John Lennon’ case. Since then they have milked this fact and they trumpet this crap wildly because that’s their only brush with greatness. Other than that this law firm is the most disorganized, overpriced, overhyped, and overcharging immigration law firm in America, and their staff are all stupid retard...

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Rogers outrank seo and ppc Telemarketing scam - Rogers outrank

March 20, 2014, sean

Every week I get call for SEOs. The foreigners SEO telemarketing mainly are from 29 prime and soft spoken ones are from Rogers outrank Over promised and under delivered, These companies prey and target small businesses. Rogers outrank is what one could do on her/his own with adwords Google, and does not have to pay Rogers premium price to do it. I paid $530 for SEO per month, for what I have done myself before with adwords and I thought Rogers will...

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Back ground checl - Henderson Group Gonzales Mines and Minerals Division

March 19, 2014, alexseeto

Dear Scam stop, my name is Alex Seeto. I operate as a intermediary/ trader in the commodities industry. Recently I came across a gentleman from Mexico from the professional networking website called LinkedIn His name is Moises Alejandro Baella. Before continuing dialogue with Moises, I would like to find out if himself or his company is a scam. Thank you for your assistance, Alex Seeto

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Abney effect associates hue shift light source genuine or fraud? - Abney effect associates

February 23, 2014, AngelaWisner

Abney is an ancient Norman name that arrived in England after the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Abney family lived in or near the settlement of Abney in Derbyshire. Spelling variations include: Abney, Daubney, Daubeney, Daubny, Daubeny, Dabny and others. First found in the counties of Derbyshire and Norfolk, where they had been granted lands after the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Thomas Dabney who settled in the Barbados in 1660; Thomas Abney settled in Maryland...

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FRAUD - THEFT - MIS USE OF INVESTOR MONEY - Vivid Lifestyle Concepts

February 8, 2014, laker

Ed Leclere is A FRAUD. DO NOT TRUST HIM in any dealings as he has ruined countless lives and left vendors, employees, and investors holding the bag. His latest "deal" is restaurant or promotional B.S. Best we can figure, his modus operandi is to hype a deal in any number of industries from restaurants to technology. When he gets investors to put in money, he takes whatever he wants as "expenses and salary" for he and his buddies and the deals eventually evaporate and he moves on to his next deal and next victims. He'll...

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Is Deep Blue NRG Group a scam? - Deep Blue NRG Group

January 17, 2014, michaelshoumptom

DeepBlueNRG: What it does and what it can do DeepBlueNRG provides a highly specialized and very important role in modern business and economy. Energy, being one of the primary requirements of domestic and industrial activities, demands the highest form of technological and managerial expertise for it to be harnessed and developed to its full potential at the most economical means. The ordinary family utilizes energy haphazardly in general, unless the individuals that comprise it are knowledgeable or conscious of the nuances of...

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Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects a scam? - Dyman & Associates Risk Management Projects

January 2, 2014, danielbenette

Cyber Security: Protecting Your Information Assets is real? With the affordability and handiness of mobile devices, the whole globe has become a virtual office with individuals gaining access to vital sources of information and interconnecting with others at real-time. Companies use this new technology to enhance productivity, cut cost in the processing and sharing of information as well as to keep in touch with their people and clients. This condition alone tells us the amount of information flowing in cyberspace at any point in...

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Deep Blue Publications Group - Deep Blue Publications Group

December 22, 2013, timothygolds

The picture of the stock market as a kind of supermarket is quite apropos. Stocks and shares are the products anyone can buy or sell and these packages do represent so many real products as well as services in the external economic world. This happens in real life, much more so now than in older days. Consider the warehouse-type supermarkets where people can buy in bulk or wholesale at a much cheaper prices. Many of the buyers do have their own retail businesses where they sell the products they buy from those warehouse store. It is a stable...

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Two sick Boxer puppies delivered that have demodex mange and one puppy with heart murmur - Rocky Top K-9's Owner Ellen Roberts

December 10, 2013, lasboxer

To whom it may concern, I saw a puppy on and the breeders name and e-mail was listed, so I contacted her by phone and we set a price for the purebred 1/2 ero boxer puppy I saw. Then on 7/26/13 I sent her the $700.00 plus $250.00 for shipping, I thought that everything would be alright with that breeder and puppy, because she had a (1) one year contract on these puppies and her reviews where great on When the puppy got to me by airfreight on 7/30/13 the puppy was fine and then I...

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Deep Blue Publications Group - Deep Blue Publications Group

December 1, 2013, donnieburcham

The process of building wealth is indeed a difficult undertaking and the principals involved in achieving its essentially noble objectives requires us to establish some foundational works. The 3 basic steps enumerated in Deep Blue Publications Group’s homepage somehow provides a beginning investor a natural way achieving that goal we have in terms of wealth, namely: Build knowledge. Build confidence. Build wealth. Knowledge is essential in all human endeavors. The website presents the elementary information any potential investor needs to...

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Publishes false complaints and reviews online. - Taylor Cloys Ward

November 6, 2013, bella

Publishes false complaints and reviews online. Taylor Cloys Ward Tay Ward TC Done W and many many more aliases Google his name and he has served time in prison, worked with an organization that stole credit card information from tourists and wrote bad checks. I think he was a witness for the prosecution and was immune to prosecution in the taking down of that fraudulent organization. He then tried to start another organization using the same name abbreviated. He is bashing a local babysitting service that he has never used. He...

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Don’t let Westhill Consulting travel and tours ruin your vacation - Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

October 27, 2013, johperks

So I decided to go through a trip with the help of this Westhill Consulting travel and tours and I have nothing good to say. I have nothing but awful experiences with the company itself. Before I continue in all fairness, I would like to give credits to the guide on my trip. She was amazing and hilarious and one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of going on a trip with. And it is not her I has issue with but again, the company itself. This is how terrible Westhill is, if you want to be shred off on "optional" thing...

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Look Further than Westhill Consulting: here is why - Westhill Consulting Jakarta Financial

October 26, 2013, eliahmcfarland

This was my first time paying someone to do my taxes due to a complicated tax year and boy was I regretful that I went for Westhill Consulting. I was referred them by people I work with. They say that this consulting was knowledgeable and efficient but I do not think so and I know so. They were giving me some tax planning pointers over the phone, well good thing its for free, but those are just basic stuff that everyone is aware of. Not to informative and useful anymore. If there is one thing good I can say is that they have convenient...

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Wastehill Consulting and Employment - Westhill Consulting and Employment

October 26, 2013, thomlarry685

I don’t even know how to start this. I had a very traumatic experience, it was a misfortune dealing with Westhill Consulting and Employment. I have never received any kind of support or follow-through for any application. And here is the deal, this has happened many times already, I tried calling their office for support and follow-ups but I get nothing but arrogance from their contemptuous staff. Their posts are disorganized. The website is very hard to use and rumbled, I can’t seem to find where the job openings are, where to post...

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Westhill Consulting: The big disappointment - Westhill Consulting - Financial (Tax & Accounting)

October 26, 2013, kaitlynconor

I don’t believe all the positive reviews for I experienced otherwise. There is no other term I can associate with Westhill Consulting but rude. They have no patience to explain rather everyone was simply rude. And can you believe it, we even got kicked out! I am never coming back there ever! So here is my story, I thought they would help me on my tax because I am having a hard time dealing with it for I am sure I cannot do it by my self. But then again, I made the worst decision of my life. So I had a morning...

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NO to Westhill Consulting Insurance - Westhill Insurance Consulting

October 26, 2013, bryanpelts

I didn’t know why in the first place I was encouraged to avail an insurance policy at Westhill Consulting Insurance; it was the worst insurance carrier ever! it is a shame being a part of this organization. It is as if their motto, or their vision and mission is delay and don’t pay! And I do not understand why people are still writing good reviews about them. They still have customers and why they continue to get away with everything. Here is an example of how worse they are, it has been nine years since my accident and what do I...

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Do not waste your time with Westhill Consulting and Employment - Westhill Consulting & Employment

October 26, 2013, stefanieebersbacher

I am very much thankful for Westhill Consulting and Employment for providing me such a neat job pretty much instantly after I was kept in employment for well over a year. On the other hand, these days all that they appear to do is send me an email every week that lists all their vacancies. And the thing is I don't appear to fill any of these jobs, it doesn’t fit me so why the heck do they send me these vacancies. But then again I tried to email some of these positions and they just don't get back. Then I have emailed about Next...

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Nothing but trouble – Westhill Consulting Insurance - Westhill Consulting Insurance

October 26, 2013, mimibickle

In the scale of 1 to 10 I’m giving Westhill insurance Consulting a negative score! We have had many awful experiences from them over the years so I feel that I should take responsibility making the people aware of I have been very disappointed with Westhill Consulting insurance. For almost two years of being a customer of them we got nothing but disappointments, constant dissatisfactions. At first they were all good and showing kindness but eleven months after we got our policy it is almost hard to reach them. Its either no one can...

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Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours - Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours

October 26, 2013, shanemac618

Reasons Not to Choose Westhill Consulting Travel and Tours I am taking time to write this review to warn people about this so that they wont experience the same thing we did. How do I even begin this review? How can I summarize the terror I endured? Westhill Consulting travel and tours apparently doesn’t know what they were doing, its clear that they got no idea of what their company is suppose to be. They obviously got no talent in client service. Let us start with how unprofessional and gauche the receptionist is at Westhill...

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