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Sabrine Hassouna - psychic reader

May 25, 2013, Clark1234

Sabrine Hassouna made false accusations about me, Clark Demetro and Ruby Mitchell. Sabrine walks in to local psychics in NYC and NJ and calls psychics all over the country. She makes false accusations against them. She claims none of them can be trusted and they have taken advantage of her. Please see her comments as Tennischamp826 at By the way, Sabrine is a psychic herself according to...

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Huge Rip Off - Tactic Trading

May 25, 2013, RippedOff

This is nothing more than a scam. I bought the program, went through the training only to find out that I have learned nothing except how to lose my money. Everything they told me was nothing but lies, lies lies. Nobody I talked to is making money with this and everyone is getting scammed. They will not honor their full guaurantee, they require me to sell this program to others who also are required to sell it. This is nothing more than a pyramid ponzi scheme and the only people making money are the owners. All of their trading is phony and...

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False Advertising: This is not a christian school! - Pepperdine University

May 24, 2013, Jeb Hawkins

If you don’t mind a lot of FALSE ADVERTISING Pepperdine University is the place for you! They say they’re a church school but nothing could be farther from the truth! Be prepared to sign LOAN PAPERS for thousands of dollars of debt that will take you years to pay off! Pepperdine University is really an evil corporation with a long history of murder, embezzlement, suspicious fires, evacuations, law breaking, greed, drunk driving, corporate crime, thugery, back room deals, and misogyny. There is also a history of Pepperdine...

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no product not willing to refund - Blue Bell Mountain Coffee El Salvador

May 23, 2013, drdant

Administrator seems to a be good guy but is not on the up and up. I've waited 11 months and still no product or refund. I offered to accept just 50% of what was paid for as a refund and he agreed but no refund - they just stole my money, not honest and does live up to word. Goes to show if the deal is too good to be true, it isn't legitimate. Stick with tried and true, sweet marias, coffee bean corral, direct coffee, Burman coffee and Seven Bridges Cooperative or all honest and good quality. Never buy on ebay unless you can get product in less than 30 days so you can file a claim and give feedback.

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Credit Card Application Process Allows Criminal/Fraud Practices - Ge Money Bank/ Belk / GEMB Belk Credit Card; GECAF credit card;

May 23, 2013, kdp1110nc

Found out in 2011 that I had co-signed for a Belk Credit Card in 1991. Only notified after account had went delinquent and was notified by collection agency. Stated that I did not co-sign and requested validation because signature was forged on application. Could not file criminal suite because Statue of Limitations in NC had expired since opened in 1991. Collection Agency could not produce document for validation. They closed the account and sent back to Belk. I requested validation from GECRB/BELK with no response. They reissued to...

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Monthly Fees, Termination Agreement - Payscape Advisors

May 17, 2013, Valeta

I switched to Payscape Advisors after my credit card activity was reviewed by their sales representative who told me I would save significantly on my monthly fees. He was a friend of my family and I felt I was supporting him in his new business endeavor. It took me about six months to realize that I had made a mistake. Higher rates and nipping fees here and there that I couldn't account for. I switched back to my previous provider and called my sales rep to see how to terminate my account. He no longer was working for Payscape but said...

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Delavari Immigration Services is a Fraud - Ramin Delavari Immigration Services

May 13, 2013, elahe1982asia

I am writing to confirm that Delavari Immigration Services is a BIG rip off. Mr. Delavari makes claims that are false. I have personal knowledge of his work and dealings with clients and have seen how he makes promises that he does not keep. For example, he signs contracts for various types of Visas such as student visa or investment visa; both of which are difficult to get unless you are an attorney which Delavari is not. After getting the money, he changes the contract to a "tourist visa" only. The client paid the money (more...

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Polux Fleuriste - Polux Fleuriste

May 1, 2013, inconc

This hokey market stall is always a dirty mess, and it is impossible to move around in it because the owner is so fat. She is obese and takes up all the room with her fat ass. And she smells like a tramp who just had sex with bad eggs. This place is dirty.

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Bad Smell - Polux Fleuriste

May 1, 2013, inconc

Polux Fleuriste Florist Tribeca The water in their vases always smells of really bad farts. More Polux Fartiste than Polux Fleuriste. Anouchka Fartin is the fartisan in chief. The Fartistes eat beaucoup du fromage to produce all this farty gas, but the end result is always a homage to beautiful nature.

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Scam - Triple 7 movers/Shaul marketing inc.

May 1, 2013, Lisa Freira

These people or thugs, liars, they abuse elderly people, They use threats and scare tactics to get your property into their truck on moving day only to triple your original estimate, I guess thats where the triple 7 comes in. Their practices are illegal and once informed refuse to adhere to Federal laws that are in place to protect consumers. If you do run into a problem with them please contact Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at 1-888-DOT-SAFT, especially if it's a hostage situation like mine was.

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Orange County, CA Courts Web site catastrophe - OC Courts, CA web master catastrophe - cases are a mess

April 29, 2013, David

Orange County Court Web site cases are a mess and non are accurate. You click on our rare family name and our Plaintiff cases show the Defendant as the Plaintiff and us as Defendant. It's abuse and harassment cases too. We notified the web master and Orange County, CA courts several times over several months. However, it's still a mess. NON of the cases are accurate. When is the WEB MASTER AND DIRECTOR OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR ORANGE COUNTY, CA GOING TO FIX ALL THIS MESS AND MAKE IT LEGAL ? They advertise it as accurate but ALL the cases are a mess. We printed it all out.

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April 29, 2013, David

Orange County Court Web site cases are a mess and non are accurate. You click on our rare family name and our Plaintiff cases show the Defendant as the Plaintiff and us as Defendant. It's abuse and harassment cases too. We notified the web master and Orange County, CA courts several times. However, several months later it's still a mess. Non of the cases are accurate. When is the web master and Orange County, CA courts going to fix the on-line case access. They advertise it as accurate but ALL the cases are a mess. We printed it all out.

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FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION / BAR COMPLAINT - Janalie Henriques Atorney, San Jose, CA

April 29, 2013, Amid

Michael S. Hunt Attorney; San Jose, CA Janalie Henriques; Attorney, San Jose, CA LOOK HIM UP ON CA BAR: Profile Information The following information is from the official records of The State Bar of California. Bar Number: 99804 Address: Hunt & Henriques 151 Bernal Rd #8 San Jose, CA 95119-1306 Map it Phone Number: (408) 362-2270 Fax Number: (408) 362-2299 e-mail: County: Santa Clara Undergraduate School: San Jose State Univ; San Jose CA District: District 6 Section...

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April 29, 2013, Amid

Michael S. Hunt Attorney; San Jose, CA Janalie Henriques; Attorney, San Jose, CA They filed a summons and did not notify my attorney or myself. It's been a week since filing. Only found out while out when looking something else up in court records. I have documented proof in confirmation print out fax they were notified 2 months ago that I was represented by an attorney. However, neither my attorney or myself were notified. What happened to CA justice system that does not uphold Attorneys to the oath they took. I am...

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Unscrupulous Employees - Cher Ae Heights Casino

April 29, 2013, pepe

Cher Ae Heights casino in Trinidad, California is known as the casino by the sea, it is also a stomping ground for local 'local mafia' of Humboldt county, that has a good grip on Humboldt's billion-dollars pot growing,distribution,and money-laundering business. Native tribe is near powerless, and none could afford to live by the sea, their ancestral home turf. A number of unscrupulous employees at the casino get rich helping through this transaction of dirty money-laundering scheme.They are so tight-knitted locals that the Fed has little or no success so far trying to break up the ring.

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Prostitute with STDs - George Henry Flauta, III living w/ Allen Ray Grodsky at 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026

April 21, 2013, PimpReport

George Henry Flauta, III DoB Aug 05, 1982 1324 Lambert Cir. Lafayette, CO 80026 720-254-3195 George.Flauta@Colorado.EDU Prostitute with STDs, has stolen thousands of dollars through fraud and identity theft, make him return the money!!!!! Has a dating profile under the name GEOHEN Children (two little girls): Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta (DoB Jan 26, 2006) Kimiko Raelynn Flauta (DoB Jan 20, 2009) Please do whatever you can to them to get them to return the stolen money!!!! ...

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Bait & Switch, No Service - Net10wireless

April 20, 2013, Cheez

Advertising unlimited service, then no unlimited service without prior notice. Diagnose problems with promise of better service with shipment and installation of new net10 other service provided sim card, only to repeat bad service all over again and continue to try to get you to still spend money to rectify issues that they never rectified at all. Leaving you with no service.

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This dealership is dishonest and what they do should be illegal - Florida Cars USA

April 18, 2013, mia77

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FLORIDA CARS USA! If you dont have the resources to obtain an attorney and sue, then DO NOT do business here. My experience was absolutely horrendous because of the unprofessionalism and the deceitful staff. I wanted to purchase a used Jeep, so my boyfriend who was paying a $3,000 downpayment for the car went with me. I wanted to obtain the financing through the dealer, as well. We were at the dealership for a total of 4 hours and was told I was approved for financing from Chase Bank. I signed all paperwork and...

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city visas scam - city visas

April 16, 2013, akuku

i paid 600 pound to this company for something called the gms scheme they said the would get me a visa over to canada working permit after a few weeks i heard nothing and requested a refund as i seen all there bad reviews i spoke to a harpreet aulak and she said i would get the refund at the end of the month 4 months have passed and i still have not recieved a refund from this company my phone bill is so high from me calling and them putting the phone down or me calling and them telling me it will come at the end of the month I will still call them to see if i can get my money back as 600 pound is alot of money DO NOT PAY MONEY TO THIS COMPANY

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Bryan Talbot -

April 13, 2013, brianj42

BRYAN TALBOT/LESLIE/BULGARIA/RENTAL FRAUD/SCAM/CHERRY TREE HOUSE/PAEDOPHILE This new scam from the con artist extraordinaire, Bryan Talbot, came to light just recently and concerned the Owners Direct website which allows you to book property with owners directly. This new Talbot scam is also in Use on Ebay and in fact any website that has high cost items. Beware. You have to remember, Owners direct 90% of customers is bank transfers, they don't offer credit card payments..... Basically the Bryan...

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