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Phishing Phone Calls, Unauthorized access to a mailbox - Gail Ulferts & David Richardson Louisville, Kentucky

May 23, 2015, record_track

Gail Ulferts ex wife of Basil Doerhoefer. Up to her old tricks. Harassing phone calls once more. Recording the call, & with one other party on the line. Former nephew David T Richardson caught with his hands in Basil & Michael's worker (Bill's) mailbox. If you two idiots don't stop, your going to end up broke. Gail, your Sister-in-law Nancy M. always said you were sleeping with her husband Herb Richardson, all those years you were married to Basil Doerhoefer 111. Cousin Susan S. Says the said the same about you. You are sneaky, and untrustworthy. Get lost.

Filled under: Unsolicited Phone Calls, Location: United States

Fake Scam Phone Calls from county - Grey Financial

May 18, 2015, aortiz

Caller's Name is Ms. Tanner and Mr. Eldridge located in Bastrop, Texas and also on Chicago, ILLINOIS Telephone Number: 512-308-3688 and Telephone Number: 312-637-1814 and Telephone Number: 312-637-0360 and she says that, she is calling from the county. This a a Scam Caller or Debt Collector

Filled under: Other, Location: United States rips people off - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM - Motobuys

May 15, 2015, Dustin

I purchased a $3,000 UTV from Motobuys in March 2015 and have had nothing but problems with it. The unit has been serviced twice already (which comes at time and more expense) and still has problems (it's April now). The shop I brought it to said it was defective and should be returned, still Motobuys does not return it and make things right. Motobuys keeps insisting on a conference call with the manufaturer rep; although I've spoken to that guy twice already and he's of no help whatsoever. I've directly asked four times for my money back and they keep brushing me off.

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Scammed into "VIP Club" charged $14.97 monthly - Norm Thompson

April 24, 2015, complaints100

In December I bought something on Norm Thompson website and was offered 10% off on purchases if I joined the "VIP Club" I then started receiving monthly charges of $14.97 per month - I didn't call them until April, 4 moths and $74.79 later! Buyer beware - and look at your bill every charge! Of course it is legal because unfortunately people are trusting this isn't some Russian scammer but a well known Oregon company that has been in [monkey] business since 1949 from Hillsboro - sold out in 2006. I am from Portland and am disgusted with this nonsense. If you are scammed legally, no refunds allowed!

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Scam Company. - AllStar Sports Funding

April 23, 2015, masguy

I am a high school athletic director and in charge of raising funds for my high school athletic department and individual sports teams. I was contacted by Alan Morell on several occasions regarding sponsorship posters and how All Star Sports Funding could assist with raising money through their schedule posters and would pay me thousands of dollars to our school. s Alan is a very smooth talker and assured me that we would earn THOUSANDS of dollars each season and that All Star Sports Funding has a team of seasoned and professional...

Filled under: Scam & Fake Checks, Location: United States

Does not pay contractors on time if at all - TNT Property Preservation

March 29, 2015, Ripped off by TNT

Tabetha lied repeatedly and did not pay what was owed

Filled under: Building, Construction, Location: United States

Terrible service; charge more than others; dishonest. - Your Fence Store.Com

March 25, 2015, BEWARE!

DON"T BUY from this company. They are horrible to deal with and their customer service sucks! They charge right away, but treat customer like crap if there is a problem. They advertise lowest price, NOT TRUE. STAY AWAY!!

Filled under: Bad Business Partners, Location: United States

Buyer Fraud - Virtuous Real Estate - Mark Taylor

March 8, 2015, backdoor

According to an indictment, Mark Taylor allegedly defrauded private investors who loaned money to him. However, Mark Taylor allegedly misled real estate buyers by lying about having an agreement with a property owner to sell their property. Taylor also falsely promised to record deeds that would have secured investors' interests in the assets, telling others to impersonate lenders or title company officers in phone calls and forging letters purportedly written by sellers and company officers.

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piese auto bucuresti - Fabi Automotive SRL

March 6, 2015, dan

FabiAutoMotive iti pune la dispozitie o gama larga de piese auto si nu numai. Cu FabiAutoMotive .ro ai magazinul de piese auto, peste tot unde te duci. Iti oferim posibilitatea sa comanzi si sa primesti in timp util orice piesa pentru masina ta. Deoarece inca de la infiintare, ne-am ocupat cu comercializarea pieselor auto, am avut posibilitatea sa capatam experienta necesara pentru a putea consulta clientii nostri, la nevoie, inaintea achizitionarii unui produs.

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Fraud - Mark Castellucci mrc recycled rubber products

March 3, 2015, TDenton

According to an indictment, the company allegedly defrauded private investors who loaned money to him. However, Mark Castellucci allegedly misled investors by lying about how much debt was already secured by the company, falsely promising to record deeds that would have secured investors' interests in the assets, telling others to impersonate lenders or title company officers in phone calls and forging letters purportedly written by lenders and company officers.

Filled under: Contractors, Location: United States

This is a GOOD company - Chris Morgis Morgis Properties

February 18, 2015, rfTO

We love our Home. We have lived in their buildings for the past 18 years. Recommend them to anyone.

Filled under: Real Estate, Location: Canada

This is a GOOD company - Morgis Properties - Chris Morgis

February 18, 2015, rfTO

This is a GOOD company with good people working there. We love our Home. We have had no problems over the last 18 years. I would recommend them to anyone.

Filled under: Apartments Rental, Location: Canada

Tell you anything and will receive nothing - 832-955-4567 Daisy- SCAM - Many Names

February 15, 2015, Dredd

(832) 955-4567 8329554567 backpage/adult Fake everything and if give any money a minute later she will twist everything that was said and will refuse a refund. Has a person listening in on speaker phone to intervene when situation starts getting heated. Other person is in parking lot. Bad Deal. Does this frequently and has many ads, different indemnities all over the USA. Anyone using this number is a scammer (theft by fraud)

Filled under: Online Dating Services, Location: United States


February 12, 2015, sadera

Chris Morgis has no money to pay for heat for our apartment!!! We paid him rent He has no money and we get punish He is S C A M

Filled under: Other, Location: Canada

Chris Morgis - Morgis Property

February 11, 2015, vlad

This landlord is very bad No heat No hot water No repair to my apartment No care

Filled under: Apartments Rental, Location: Canada

Chris Morgis, Toronto SCAM-Morgis Properties - Chris Morgis, Toronto BIG SCAMMER

February 11, 2015, hsilverman

He doesn't pay his bills. Always finds an excuse that the product or service was not "proper" then forces you to accept 25 cents on the dollar or sue him. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS CROOK HE WILL SCAM YOU !!!

Filled under: Equipment Leasing & Financing, Location: Canada

Bogus Debt Collection Agency - Hup Lik Debt Collection (M) Sdn Bhd

February 9, 2015, eric

I have a bad encounter with this bogus Debt Collection company called Hup Lik Collection (M) Sdn Bhd based in Cheras, Malaysia I met their personnels named Alex and Nicky back in September 2014 at their office. Alex claimed that he could easily collect my trade debt easily within a week and bragged that they are competent professionals. He convinced me to appoint his company and I subsquently paid them an Admin Fee of 5% of the trade debt amount as required by them After paying the 5% Admin Fee, no action were made by Alex and...

Filled under: Collections Agencies, Location: Malaysia

Michael P. Rubin Corrupt Attorney and Child Predator - Michael Rubin

January 21, 2015, yuorey

We had the worst experience with this monster who calls himself an attorney. He charged us massive amounts of money, officially came on board as our lawyer and then, afterwards, began verbally assaulting us and slandering us to the other side. He has no boundaries and no limits. He has no self control. He lies and lies and lies. He is the most dishonest and vicious person you'll ever come across. Even other attorneys have documented, in court proceedings, that he has a major mental problem. Dangerous and scarey. Unprofessional and...

Filled under: Sexual Abuse, Location: United States

Customer Services - Howard Johnson Chengdu Hi-Tech

January 19, 2015, David Vincent

I have been staying at HJ Chengdu Hi-Tech Plaza off and on for the last 2 years and the service was always good. There were always little perks like fruit in my room and special treatment. But my current stay has been disastrous . It all started with no concierge to help me with my two heavy bags. I had to carry them into the front desk by myself. Then I had issues with my AMEX card not been accepted even though I have been using it here for years. I called up my AMEX card company on my expensive (I paid for long distance on my cell) they...

Filled under: Products & Services, Location: China

Violet Razbania is a Molester - Violet Razbannia

January 15, 2015, mark

WARNING: Jasmine Violet Raz aka Violet Razbannia is a dangerous sociopath, a fraud, and the worse person that anyone can ever associate with. She is approximately 61 years old. She currently lives in Northridge, California at: 17811 Devonshire (Unit 2) in Northridge, California. She is the former wife of Essy Arasheben. She has abused her daughter, delivered her daughter (when her daughter was only 12 years old and a naive virgin, who id not know the definition of a kiss) to her then 35 year old boyfriend (Richard Ralston of Oregon), a...

Filled under: Sexual Abuse, Location: United States