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November 23, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I worked for Ziebart for about 3 1/2 months. While working there they had several ex employees coming back at least 5 to 6 times cause they had been fired or quit and were called back to work there again. The Manager there complains about paying his employees 7.25 per hour , the state minimum, so they want you to make what is called piece rate. A very unstable way to make money at this place. If you do not make a certain amount in piece rate then you will be paid by the hour at 7.25 which comes from the sales commision and pays the employee instead of sales getting that amount added to their checks. I started as a detailer then recently started as a remote start installer. I have been told to go home for days and come back because I was hanging out with another employee having a beer with them and went home at 10pm. The next day I had to work at 9am and my wife came down with a 24 hour flu that morning. So called work two hours prior to start time to let them know that I was unable to make it there and I had no one else to watch my daughter. Then the sunday after this day I came down with the same thing my wife had and called in sick. So tuesday I show up at 7:55am was yelled at by boss saying I was out drinking all night that friday and called in cause my wife was sick. So I was told to leave and come back thursday. I went home came back thursday. Then recently as of today, using my 30 min lunch break, came home to take care of somethings and went back was yelled at and then sent home till monday. This place does not care about employees. My insurance packet i recieved wednesday had a plan for family coverage at $250 per week. I only make around 240 or less depending on the income of cars. So they think that by offering this to employees makes them look good but they are bascially paying minimum wages to employees that have familys. If they believe that you will not make your piece rate they will just clock you out and or send you home. I am right now with another ex-employee filing for hostile enviornment and will also be in contact with labor board and possibly authorities about certain people there doing drugs on their break. If you read this please be all means stay away from this Ziebart.

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