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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

This company is very much like the quibids website if they are not affiliated with one another. They sell you bids for .60 each so you can bid on merchandise they sell. Only problem is it is very hard to win anything and the money they make is ridiculous over what they have to pay for the item. They recently sold a $100 Walmart gift card which went for $30.69. That is 3,069 bids at a penny each that cost the bidders .60 each. You do the math! 3,069 X .60 equals $1,841.40 for a $100 gift card. Who's making money here? That's a pretty good percentage of profit. I recently purchased $75 worth of bids just to see if I could win anything. Not a chance, every time I got close someone else jumped it up. But the second I stopped bidding it would sell. Don't figure. If you want to give money away, this is a good place to do it. But I would suggest spending it somewhere else where you have something to show for it. I filed a complaint with xbids, but have not gotten a response and most likely won't. They are running to the bank.

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