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May 18, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Hi I'm Mat This company Wynn's was recommended to us by Joe Ricci and because the auto was a 2003 we felt it would be a good value for us being on disability. We both have limited mobility and we need reliable transportation, and if something went wrong this so-called great warranty would cover us with no out of pocket expense . So we spend $2,000 for the Wynn's Plus used vehicle service contract. This contract covered everything except some minor repairs, but major repairs such as engine work, head gasket, seals and the like we were covered or so we thought. Lets look at the time line when we bought the Aviator and when our warranty nightmare began. Back on 10/05/2010 we bought our Aviator and after doing a scheduled oil change some errors showed up. So we then took our vehicle to Village Ford to get our auto checked out they ran a diagnostics check and found out that we had a bad engine and we needed new head gaskets. They contacted our service provider and that's when our personal hell began, back on January of 2011, now remind you we just purchased this Aviator Oct. 05, 2010 and we have been without transportation since January of 2011, and it's now Thursday May 19, 2011 we are stuck with out a vehicle and this warranty company not only won't allocate funds for the repair they won't even allocate funds for a car rental. Also we have a teen age daughter whom goes to school in Dearborn Heights and we stay in Detroit, that means we have to get up at 5 o'clock in the morning to walk our child to the bus stop, and the nearest stop is three miles away from our home. Never mind we bought a vehicle with a warranty and we finds out it's not worth the paper it was printed on, we sent copies to Wynn's and pleaded with them to honor the contract. But Wynn's are saying that they will not replace the engine even though Ford Motor mechanics and their experts are saying that engine needs to be replace, and according to our contract engine replacement is apart of our service agreement. Wynn's wants Ford to just fix the head gasket and not replace the engine, Ford is saying that to send the head gasket to the machinist to be resurfaced the head gasket it would be a temporary fix and we would have the same problem in about six months and because of that they could warrantied that job. But Wynn's is saying that they will not replace the engine even though Fords' experts are saying it needs to be replaced. So here we are two injured off the job people whom are painfully walking our child to a bus stop three miles away suffering all the way in one direction making sure she gets the bus stop safely. My hips needs to be replaced and my wife whom needs back surgery are walking a total of 30 miles a week just to make sure our child is safe and it's all against Doctor orders but what are we to do because Wynn's refusal to honor our contract to replace a bad engine. They're act like we had $2,000 dollars to just give them for services not rendered. Is there any one else out there whom they are getting shafted bullied by this company. This company Wynn's is acting like the bullies that I used have to deal with when I was in school, better yet they're acting like warranty mobsters they're taking money for protection and not honoring the contract. They're worst than gangs at least the gangs tries to up-hold their protection schemes. They're warranty terrorists they hold out knowing that most people will sooner or later give up, give in, and / or quit. But we need everyone whom has been bullied by this warranty terrorist to speak out and we need to come together to fight this warranty terrorist. Everyone post you complaints as well against this warranty terrorist of a company they seemed have to being terrorizing and been mistreating paying customers at least since 2005 or even longer this is not acceptable for anyone to do people as badly as Wynn's extended care company has been doing their consumers.

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January 4, 2018, angel42day
im rt there with you im disabled as well wa forced to get this warranty and now that my car has a blown headgasket they want me to pay 500 for a tear down to try and find out why the headgasket blew who the hell cares its blown it needs fixing its a covered part there should be no issue rt hell no I think all of us that have had this problem need to sue the hell out of this company it also seems maybe a disability advocate should help us out because it seems they prey on the disabled my email is angelintrng44
@gmail.com pls email me

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