www.imagemixer.net www.picture-package.com Company(ies) a complete scam!! Sold illegal software keys!! Toronto Ontario - www.imagemixer.net

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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Mr. Richard Yates is a con artist and creates fake websites to make the buyer think that they are buying legitimate software when in fact the software you receive is pirated. He makes the website look real with copyright symbols and statements claiming that he is an authorized reseller when in fact he is not. See Nikon website here:

He will also go onto websites claiming that he a "satisfied customer" that has had no problems with the version of the pirated software he received. He is listed on many sites under fake AKAs claiming such. When you read the comments in detail it is quite obvious that he is behind the mask, so to speak.

Mr. Richard Yates is also on LinkedIn claiming that he holds an MBA at Concordia University which is also false as this information has been verified with the university itself. See here: His work history is also fabricated as this too has been researched.

He has taken innocent victims and refused to refund their money through the BBB, numerous emails, phone calls and requests for refunds. It is a SCAM.

Do not purchase any items from this individual at any of the listed sites, including eBay under "digital.lifestyle". You will notice he does not ship to the UK as this was his previous residence which one can only guess at what trouble he maybe in in that country.

If anyone is interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against Mr. Yates please contact me.

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