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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My wife and I were shopping online for a warranty on our 2003 Ford Escape. So naturally we Googled Car Warranty. At the top of the page was www.CarBuyingTips.com so clicked through. It appears to be a Consumer Advocate page but as we know now it`s a front for Warranty Direct, who is also www.autowarranties.com, www.carwarranty.com , www.extendedwarranty.com , www.warrantydirect.com , and many others. I also take issue with Google on this and have emailed there corporate office about allowing the same company to occupy the top 3 positions in every auto warranty related search. What kind of choice is this. Its the same product wrapped in a different package.

So long story short, on the word of Car Buying Tips , who we thought was legitimate Consumer advocate website, we purchased a warranty off Warranty Direct. We now know that Warranty Direct only sells 1 policy, Interstate. That's it. We called other Brokers who had much better coverage, more options, and also sold Interstate but every other broker said Interstate is a mediocre policy. We called Warranty Direct back to get our money. 3 days after we gave them $3600.00. The agent we purchased it from will not call us back. We called their customer service and after waiting on hold for 20 min`s we were told we cannot cancel. We have to wait until we get our policy in the mail and then get a notarized letter stating we want to cancel, mail it in and wait 4-6 weeks for a refund.

We called our Credit Card Company who called Warranty Direct. Warranty Direct told them they will not refund our money. And since we "authorized the payment, we have to follow procedure". What a SCAM. I now know through the 25 ripoff reports that Warranty Direct has that they are a fraud. Its amazing that the BBB gives them and A+ even thought they have over 130 complaints this year. I let my gaurd down because I thought Car Buying Tips was a real consumer advocate website.

www.carbuyingtips.com and www.warrantydirect and Google and BBB are all players in this rouge. Smokescreens and magic. I`ve contacted my Attorney General about this and the tip staff said they are pursuing this suto-consumer advocate wanna-be warranty direct cronie. Will see. I am so sick to my stomach over this. Over 3k down the drain. I cannot afford this.

Stephane Guzman

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