WOZO.com Scammed me out of 29.99 Internet - WOZO.com

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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I signed up for a poster and had to pay shipping (99cents) only. Then I was charged $29.99 for not canceling my 4day trial. I received no correspondence from this company in regard to having an account or that my four day trial was pending. After trying to cancel my account I was told that I could get my second poster and then cancel. I received my first poster without picking it. I asked how I would know that I had to pick a poster when I was not aware that I had to. The agent couldn't explain this.

The first agent I spoke to didn't even know the name of her supervisors who were all conveniently "in a meeting." After reading the many reports here, I will have to make sure that my account has been canceled as I do not trust this company. I'm going to dispute the charge with my bank, but I fear I will get nowhere due to the supposed 4-day trial cancellation policy that I tried to enact. If you can't cancel your account, don't know you need to pick a product, and can't reach an agent with knowledge, why is this company still in business???

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