Worldwide Tracers kirk Rutherford They were going to find my son's birthmother, but they didn't follow through. They did take the money, though... Ar - Worldwide Tracers

Worldwide Tracers
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November 8, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have been working with Worldwide Tracers Inc. (Kirk Rutherford and Monda Schooner) since 8/09. They advertise as an Adoption Search Bureau. I was trying to locate my son's birthmother.
At the beginning they were very attentive and we communicated well. However, after I sent them money TWICE, the communication stopped, and in spite of my emails and phone messages, they haven't responded.
Of course, my matter was not solved. They play with people's lives and emotions, and hopefully other people won't waste their time hiring them.
Needless to say, I not only am angry, but extremely disappointed.

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