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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I worked for Charles Johnson for a long time. He paid the first couple checks on time. Then they bounced. Each check bounced. He now owed me many paychecks and those stories of other people not being paid are all true.

World Technology Corp. aka WTC operates under many other company names it is true, just read the other posts on this website. Then look them up online. I want each person owed money to sue Charles in a small claims court at the very least. Include court costs in the judgement. You do not need a lawyer and he does NOT have one, except maybe a defense lawyer. Name Charles A Johnson AND World Technology Corporation (WTC) in the suit. Do it in your spare time, fill out the papers, have him served and have your proof of doing your work.

Next call the IRS. Tell them what you did for him and how he paid you. When enough people do this the IRS will launch a full scale audit on him AND his companies.

Since he has so many employees, he is doing very bad things by scamming the IRS. They do not like that. Cause the system he is trying to work to catch him in the act. He can not cover up this massive paper trail. He must pay for what he has done to us.

Alafia Young does work for him. I think she knows exactly what is going on but wants to keep her job and paycheck so she just does what she is told.

EVERYONE who has been ripped off by this man needs to post EVERYTHING you know about him on this website. We all need the information to use in our own filings against him. Any personal information youy know about him. Where he vacations, where he lives, his phone numbers that are not listed, new websites, new business ventures, where they are registered at. POST YOUR OWN scam REPORT ON THIS MAN ON THIS SITE. This is important and will add to the weight of the situation when he is prosecuted. We all need each others help anjd this site is anonymous so you have to post any information here publicly. You are not able to share ANY of your personal contact information on this site and you do not need to list your real name or your city or state where you live.

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