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December 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

My wife and I went to the Workout World facility in Red Bank NJ. I had no problem with the facility. I was a member for almost 4 years paying $31/Mo. My wife cancelled first (after 2 years). She canceled through the official procedure and was hounded by a collections firm with threatening messages of taking her to court, saying she owed over $600. She no longer had the receipt for the certified mail she sent, but luckily she did have an email on file which acknowledged her cancellation. WOW corporate headquarters eventually agreed to call off the collections department (realizing it was their fault). This took several frustrating phone calls/ emails. Unfortunately it was the only gym local so I stayed a bit longer. I cancelled well within the 30 day notice period I was required to give, and was sure to hold onto my certified mail receipt (they will screw you if you don't). I noticed another charge for $31 on my card this month. I called and they tell me I will continue to be billed for the next 90 days! I guess the over $1300 I have given them over the years. For the record, this is my first and only report. Do not do business with Workout World, there are plenty of other reputable gyms.

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