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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I was contacted by Windsor National Consultants in July 2010, said they worked with my mortgage company in putting together modified loans. I have 1st, 2nd and 3rd Mortgage that they said they would put together separate loan modification for each, charged me $2,000. They asked me for the appropriate documents needed, since I had already gone through Making Home Affordable with prior 1st Mortgage company few months before they sold my loan and that I tried to start over again with the company that bought my loan, but they would not work with me. I had been working with Windsor National Consultants for 3 months, had been in contact with them via email or telephone, but then a couple of weeks went by, my modification packets were suppose to have gone to my mortgage companies, so I called Windsor National, telephone was disconnected, email the people I had been talking with for the last 3 months, their emails were returned. Then I called each of my mortgage companies, they looked at the notes on my account and Windsor National Consultants only contacted them back in August, one month after I started with Windsor National and after they had my $2,000.

Filed fraud claim with US Bank, after being with this bank for many many years, I received a letter from their Fraud Dept., stating this was a Civil issue, denied the claim, called Fraud Dept., told them I have no way of finding this terrible people. Us Bank fraud dept., said that I had given Windsor National Consultant my bank information to take the money for modification processing, so it was a civil issues, I said NO it is a FRAUD issue and I am the victim.

Filed police report with my local police dept., filed complaint with better business bureau, they are currently allowing Windsor National Consultant 30 days to respond, which is a waste of time since these horrible people are Fraud scammer and they have walked away with my hard earned money and victimized me.

I am sure many other poor people that are just trying to keep their home from going into foreclosure, have been the victim of Windsor National Consultants, LLC, they need to be reported and never allowed to start another business.

Names of the so called staff to be aware of: Phillip Arroyo, Janet Arroyo, Karrilo Faberman, ever get a call hang up on these Fraud people, they deserve the time of day.

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