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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Wild Internet is by far the worst, lying internet providers ever! They are supposedly High speed when I am only getting 9-10kb per sec. If you look in there Wildblue FAQ's it clearly says this " What kind of speed can I expect? Wildblue offers packages that offer different speed levels. Our core value pack offers 512kbps and a 128kps upload speed. Our select pack offers speed up to 1.0mbps and upload speeds of 200kbps etc." We currently have the select pack, also a download limit of 7.00GB, just like minutes on a cell phone. And it does not renew every month like we were told. Instead if I use 3.00GB on Sept. 20th it will not renew that 3.00GB till Oct. 20th. And they have no way of knowing when you used that 3.00GB so you have to find someway to keep track of how much internet usage you used. Plus one of the many things they forgot to tell us was that they have an upload limit too, which is extremely low to begin with. I found that out the hard way when I went to check to see how close we were on going over, that is when I found out we had an upload limit of 3.00 GB and our current status was at 2.9GB. So we called them to see what the deal was with this upload limit, and that is when I was placed on hold for like 25 min. by then I decided to hang up, and call back again just to be placed on hold and 2nd time for just as long! Finally someone picked up, so we decided to ask them what is the deal with this upload limit and why we were not told in advance that they also had an upload limit. The man did not give us an answer, but he did say he would reset it free of charge because we were not aware of the upload limit. He said it should take effect within a couple of hours. Well I just got on now to see what are usage is and turns out we are at 3.4GB now. So not only did he lie to us, but now we are going over our limit which means extra charges! I had no choice really except to pick Wildblue, I needed it for my college classes. I am constantly uploading homework assignments and so on. So now that we have gone over I cannot continue my classes unless I go to the library, but I should not have to.So then we proceeded to tell him how awful the service was, and that we wanted to cancel because we were lied to, and how bad there internet was etc. Well he said we would have to pay a 320.00$ just to cancel it because of the contract. So once you install it there is no turning back, unless you pay a high fee to cancel it. There are no 30 Day trials like we were told when they installed it. We called them to tell them within the 2 week that we did not want there internet and that is when they told us about the price we have to pay to cancel. And from what I have been reading they will take your money out of your account without your permission which is illegal. I am so sick of getting RIPPED OFF! by money hungry people. I would strongly advise in not getting WILDBLUE. I am currently looking for ways to cancel without paying a fee which doesnt seem possible.It honestly feels like they are breaking the law in some way! There internet is way WORSE than Dial-up and I didn't think that was possible.

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