Why Does Joey Jackson Defense Attorney Who Is a Negro Talk Like He's Jewish? - Joey Jackson Defense Attorney

Joey Jackson Defense Attorney
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May 13, 2014, Donald Sterling's Dad
Los Angeles, California, United States

What I want to know, and I believe what everyone wants to know when they watch this big mouth Negro Defense Attorney Joey Jackson on CNN, is why does he talk with an exaggerated and irritatingly loud fake Jewish accent?

Does he realize that he sounds like a huge fucking asshole?

Who would hire this bad-breath faggot?

Someone kick him in the balls please as he annoys the fucking shit out of me.


Complaint comments:

June 5, 2018, TheTruth
He obviously is half jewish.
Look at the big noise and beady eyes (just like Richard Gere).
He also talks like a Jew (ask him to say the words COFFEE and ALWAYS) and is obnoxious like a Jew.

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