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November 10, 2010, Anonymous
United States

On 15th May 2009,i purchased Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator from WHO Blackpool's online store & paid by paypal.29.99 for the toy & 3.95 for delivery making 33.94 in total. After a couple of weeks of waiting & receiving nothing,i emailed them & eventually got a reply from someone called Cathy who said that the Sith Infiltrator they had in stock was damaged & that they had ordered some more & should be arriving in about a weeks time.After waiting another couple of weeks,i emailed them again asking if they had received the new stock & when could i expect to receive my item & still i heard nothing from them. After about another week of waiting & hearing nothing i was starting to become concerned & emailed WHO Blackpool asking for a refund as it was now getting close to the 45 day limit for making a paypal claim.After about another week i emailed them again saying that i would be making a paypal claim against them for item not received & received an email from Cathy saying that she thought my refund had already been actioned & processed & that she would issue my refund immediately. I decided that i'd had enough excuses & timewasting from WHO Blackpool & initiated a paypal claim for item not received & on 18th July 2009,paypal notified me that they found the case in my favour & that they had managed to recover all of my 33.94. After i had received my paypal refund,i tried to log into my WHO Blackpool online account only to find that my account had been blocked!!! I believe that WHO Blackpool had no intention of refunding me before the paypal time limit for making a claim & were deliberately wasting time fobbing me off with excuse after excuse hoping that i would believe their pathetic lies of promising to refund my money so i would then miss the threshold for making a paypal claim so they could steal my money as they have done with numerous other people judging by the shocking reviews they have received for their online service. I can honestly say that my experience with WHO Blackpool has been the worst online shopping experience of my life bar none & i was lucky that paypal managed to recover all of my money as numerous other people have not been so fortunate & the people that run WHO Blackpool need to take a good hard look at themselves & the way they operate as they have no one to blame but themselves for their current predicament! WHO Blackpool no longer take paypal as a payment option & only accept cheques & postal orders,i wonder WHY that is???? The only way you are guaranteed to receive anything from WHO Blackpool is to go into their shop & pick it up in person so don't buy online from them & give them the chance to steal your money!!

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