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White Frenchies
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December 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I saw an ad online for french bulldogs for $500. I thought it was a great deal. I contacted the person, Bethany, and she said that she would ship the puppy for an additional $100. So i figured $600 still not bad. She was anxious to get the puppy shipped, wanted to ship that day. I told her i wouldn't have the money until the next day, she said that was fine she would ship it the next day. Even though she told me she would rather do it that night because she was shipping another puppy out that night. She also wanted me to print, sign, scan and send back this Livestock transfer Form 59. Never seen anything like it before but looked official.
The next morning, this morning, I emailed her and she said to send the money Western Union, she would not take anything else. She told me to put it in her daughters name, Melissa, who lives in Freeport, IL. So once i transferred the money she said she was going to make the arrangements. I didnt hear from her for almost 3 hours. She said she just got back. When i asked about the flight information she said she wanted to scan the papers and send them to me (which i never received, scanner problems....). So later I finally got a flight number from her. I went to the airport, big surprise no one there. So I IM (instant messaged) and emailed her (she said her phone wasn't working due to storm). When she finally got back to me she said she just got a call that the puppy and the person bringing the puppy were stuck in transit. That she needed to pay for a cage and insurance, $280. I told her that if I was going to pay that I wanted the airports contact information so I could pay them directly. She became very belligerent and said that she didnt want to bother them more. I continued to ask about at least a tracking number for the puppy, she refused. She got very angry said i didnt believe her.
So I said i wasn't going to pay it and she said fine the dog and carrier would stay there until i paid (she said we'd try tomorrow and that i was bugging her). Now I'm out $646 (Western Union $46 fee for sending) with no dog.
The worst part was if I had done my normal check on the photos she sent I would have seen they were taken before the pups were supposedly born. Also, her website says 5acre farm at her address and if you look at any map site its a residential neighborhood. Anyways, BEWARE everyone of this woman!!

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