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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I am really furious about a company called White Digital Media and an advertising scam they are running. The first thing I want to say is that I am not stupid. I am a Director of a major construction company based in Brisbane, Australia, and employ hundreds of people. You don't get to my level of success in business by being stupid. But, I admit, I have been conned by White Digital Media. We got a telesales call from White Digital Media offering us some advertising in one of their magazines - Construction Digital. The sales guy said it was a market leading magazine and directed us to their website - it did look like a good magazine. White Digital Media said that the feature on the project we did was a lead story and because the Construction Digital magazine looked good on their website, we booked a full page ad. Now here comes the scam. We paid our invoice on time and waited to receive a copy of the magazine in the post. I chased them up after a few weeks, but White Digital Media started to avoid my calls. I got our PA to continually call them and eventually she got through to someone, and what the person at the other end of the phone said is the reason I'm writing this report. White Digital Media said that it's an 'online' magazine and they don't print or even distribute it in any way, shape of form! I couldn't believe it. Our company paid thousands and thousands of dollars to advertise in a magazine that wasn't even real. I felt so stupid. I immediately called the sales guy from White Digital Media (and luckily got through) and he said that the terms and conditions on their website are self explanatory, and if I made a mistake I should learn a lesson from it! Here was this guy in some bloody call centre in India telling me to learn my lesson. On the phone in the inital phone calls, he LIED to me and said that it was a genuine magazine and it was the market leader for the construction industry. No he does a complete turnaround and mocks me for falling for the scam. I have since spoken to local investigation authorities who have filed a report but they said they can't do anything because White Digital Media are not based in Australia. They could take action if they were (and fine them heavily for deceit and fraud), and the matter would probably go to the Police. But, because White Digital Media don't have offices here, they can't touch them. I am so annoyed at myself, but obviously even more so at White Digital Media. Absolute con and blatant fraud. The sooner these scammers are closed down the better, although I don't hold up much hope as they are based in India of all places. White Digital Media are operating this scam and advertising con on a daily basis and I hope they get found out sooner rather than later. They are a disgrace to global business and they will get what's coming to them.

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