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November 22, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We had a very large complex move. We made the company aware of this from the start and we were assured that they were very experienced movers and could handle the job no problem. An estimator from the company came out reviewed the job (complex job involving 3 houses moving across town into 2) We were given a price and the date was set. The 4 men who came for the move were very young and we came to find that they have almost no moving experience. They were taking forever and needed to get additional trucks. Doug Werk arrived mid move. He was very upset and angry and basically started to shake down my father-in-law for more money. So his companies failure to properly estimate equip and man the job turned into being our fault some how! End result: a terrible job from a poorly run company. An owner who was angry rude and intimidating. Blaming the consumer for the problem caused by poor estimation by his employee, taking no ownership of the problem. Never finished the job btw.

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