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November 6, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Automobile was financed through Wells Fargo Auto Finance. Payments were regularly made for four (4) years in good faith. Job was lost, back injury and attempts at applying for disability are in-progress. Wells Fargo Auto Finance was contacted in timely manner with a hardship letter explaining zero (0) income, and an attempt to send an amount that can be afforded ($25 per mo.) due to LG & E gas & electric bill, water bill, auto insurance, phone bill, medical bills (no insurance coverage at all), and other miscellaneous needs/requirements occurring regularly each month.
Wells Fargo Auto Finance not only adamantly refused to make any allowance, they phoned in-debt individual a MINIMUM of 18 times per day on his cell phone and home phone. Talking to them at least 4 times a week did not diminish number of calls. Subject requested aid of his older sister in this matter and gave Wells Fargo his authorization for her to speak in his behalf. They said they were calling the number of times they did because "He needs to speak with us." She emphasized to them that they JUST SPOKE WITH HIM only 45min. ago! Phone calls STILL occurred 10 to 18 times each day.
A second hardship letter was sent to Wells Fargo, offering $50 per month at best, & they said it would do no good, and the bills mounting up on in-debt individual is not making allowance for the $375 per month payment to be feasible, at all. Upon speaking with a Mrs. Hill at Wells Fargo Auto Finance Nov. 7th by phone, she threatened in-debt individual with jail, reminded him "he signed a contract," said a judge would tell him that, too, etc. Mrs. Hill was told of his financial situation and that payments were NOT being REFUSED to be sent due to negligence, but due to extreme hardship. She said "We've got a company to run. We can't stay in business if we allowed that." She was then told that we are certain THOUSANDS of individuals are in same situation and whom they no-doubt have to work with, and which she had to acknowledge was true.
She then said, "Where is the car now?" As she has his mailing address, which has been coming to his physical address for 5 years, she again demanded where it was. I thought she was being deliberately sarcastic. I said it is in Kentucky. I told her she has his address. She then said he would go to jail for not telling her where it is. No one did any such thing of the sort. He has been at his doctor's office, out attempting to find such employment as he CAN do, etc. She said he has until Nov. 14th to send this payment(s) to them. That has to be emphasized, and she did say our conversation was being recorded, so all this can be backed up - if they choose to retain such.
The main complaint we would like to make is that this degree of incivility and threats by this company when we were only attempting in good faith to make some kind of financial arrangement in light of this situation is of great stress to in-debt individual concerned. NO degree of foul language or threats on our end was EVER made to this company or its personnel. Due to the highly charged and threatening, negative nature of our contact with and by this company, and because all other avenues of financial/legal relief are non-existent, this report is being made to your company.
Again, NO ONE is trying to get something for totally free at this time, but again, attempts were made in good faith on this individual's part and was told to Wells Fargo Auto finance that the regular payments would resume upon either regular employment or income when it can.
Thank you.

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