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Wayne Bender Flooring
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November 9, 2010, Anonymous
United States

In June of 2010, I hired Wayne Bender to refinish my hardwood floors in a home I just purchased. After working for a few hours, Wayne needed to go see about another job and pick up supplies. I gave him $200 for supplies. Wayne never returned.
Two days later, Wayne emailed and said he had car troubles and wanted to come finish the job. My wife and I called him several times after he didn't show back up and left messages, we even called the police because we thought something might have happened to Wayne.
We were in a hurry to get the floors done because we had others contractors coming to install carpet and having appliances delivered, so we hired someone else to refinish the floors.
Wayne's equipment sat in our garage for over a month, every once in a while Wayne would call and schedule a time to pick up his equipment and return our deposit and of course he would never show up. When he finally showed up he just happened to forget his checkbook so was unable to return our deposit. What a surprise! He asked where the nearest atm was where he could get our $200 deposit, stated he would be right back. Needless to say that was 2 months ago.
We have had no luck locating Wayne Bender/Fontaine. If anyone has an address or anything please let us know.

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