WAX N FACTS ; I was JACKED at WAX N FACTS for 2 of my albums while trying to negotiate a sale to them for some of my old vinyl records in Atlanta, Ge - WAX N FACTS

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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

Over the month of November I was in contact with WAX N FACTS in Atlanta, Georgia via e-mail regarding the sale of some of my old vinyl records. I made a list and e-mailed it to them and asked if they would be interested. They eventually sent the list back checking off 53 albums on the list that they wanted to see. I understood that any offer would be contingent on the condition of the albums. I cleaned and alphabetized them before taking them in. They were in a box.

The two gentlemen took them out and they each sat on what appeared to be crates behind the counter and went through them. My friend and I stood on the other side of the counter and tried to see as best that we could while this went on. After about 20 minutes or so they place two stacks on the counter. One stack of the ones they did not want and a stack of about 16 they made ridiculous offer of $2.50 each. At that point I decided to just take them all back. Once outside I stopped and counted them and found 2 missing. To make sure I was not jumping to conclusions I went through the box again and checked them off using my list.

At this time I immediately went back inside and called this to their attention and of course they denied having them or ever seeing them. My friend also went back and confronted them, but to no avail. So I cannot prove any of this except that I know what I had and that they STOLE 2 of my albums. I know I took 53 in and came out with 51. I checked them by the list when I assembled them to carry them over there. I checked my list when I cleaned each one and I checked my list and placed them in alphabetical order before I went over there.

So be clear, I know what was in that box. So my advice to anyone that goes there is; DONOT let your property out of your site. DO work from the counter. DO have a list and check off each one as you hand them over. DO check your lift before you leave the premises. DO take a friend as back up. So my advice is to be careful when trying to selling your prized possessions Even the SO CALLED professionals cannot be trusted at times.

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