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November 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

When we first bought our car we made a couple payments by mail. We then decided to have it automatic withdrawl,at that time we were promised monthly statements as to our balance etc. However after the first month we never received statements after calling and asking where they were we still never received for 18 months we never received statements from them . They said they were sending nothing gets lost in the mail 18 months in a row de ont know who they thinkl they were fooling . We stopped the payment at our bank due to this and we notified them in writing and verbally. We had them paid by wire the first few months the payment was made and they continued to try to take money out of our account when we already had it paid and they are charging us for this . We do not owe it they are constantly calling our co-signer which is my father telling him its not paid when in fact it is .

Ever time we try to point out where this whole mess started They hang up they are rude when we are not in the wrong they send letters to my Dad saying we need to update our address when in fact I had it updated months before they send him letters saying we dont have them listed as lien holders on our insurance which I knew we did go to the insurance ask them who do you have listed as a lien holder on our car they say Wells Fargo .It has been on and on with these people .W e dont even think the balance is right on this loan . I have wrote letter after letter about this I even wrote a letter to Washington didnt hear anything from them either. This Bank should be closed down and everyone fired and all new people hired Why doesnt the people in Washington do something about this it appears like we are not the only people having problems with them . This is a Bank that is not making their money the honest way thats for sure ripping off the hard working American I would never do business with them again when get another CAR i WOULD TEAR UP THE PAPERS AND NOT BUY IF THEY TOLD ME IT WAS WELLS FARGO NEVER AGAIN ITS BEEN A NIGHTMARE

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