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May 30, 2013, jack_ruben
New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

I recently bought one Gigabyte data from Virgin Mobile for $20. On the first hour of usage doing simple internet browsing _ no video streaming, my data usage went from 0 to 250 megabytes and that was odd to me. A couple of days later I logged on doing non data intensive browsing the pages of
a University, my connection suddenly got disconnected and when I logged back in; my data usage suddenly went from 528 Megabytes to over 900 Megabytes and
my data usage history which used to be functional when I used their service a while ago is purposely greyed out. Their customer service is non existent; this is fraud.

Please keep in mind that a one hour browsing of video would consume about 280 Megabytes of data. I browsed 10 to 30 pages of plain static html pages from a university site and it is inconceivable that would consume over 400 Megabytes of data. If the Watch Dog Agencies and the Attorney Generals are
worth any of their salts, they need to look into this.
I am sure, it is happening to millions of Citizens nation wide. So virgin mobile2go is hoping that I will purchase some other Gigabytes.
Now, I was thinking of selling that piece of crap dongle of theirs, but I do not think that I should inflict those fraudsters on any one. It is going to the garbage can

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