VIP Readers called my work phone number and I was busy with paperwork and training a new person in our department. I listen to this person and not on - VIP Readers

VIP Readers
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November 19, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I received a phone call from VIP Readers in the morning on my work phone. We just hire a part-time revenue auditor in our Auditing Department and I was training her on easy stuff first. In between the phone call and her asking questions the VIP reader representative was telling me about the discount magazines offer. The VIP Reader representative said she would coach me through the phone while speaking with her representative on what to say if I said the wrong thing. There was no mention on cancellation policy if not satisfied with the magazines, but only to change magazines to ones I like and be commited to 24 months of paying to VIP Reader's Service. I am really upset, because I tried to call to cancel and was told I was commited to 24 months. She offer to play the pre-recorded and I listened. I was coached thorugh the whole conversation.

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