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Vania Damerjian
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September 1, 2015, Community
Los Angeles County, United States

Beware of an Armenian female by the name of Vania Damerjian.
She provides so-called counseling to children and adults, but is extremely dangerous.
Vania Damerjian is a sociopath with many emotional and mental problems of her own. She also has several sever problems such as psycopathy and other mental diseases that make her very extremely dangerous to children and her other patients. She has rage issues and is very unstable and prone to violent outbursts at any time, without warning.
Vania Damerjian resides in Los Angeles County in California.
Her office of practice is currently located in Simi Valley.
Vania Damerjian has, without warning, committed violent assault with severe bodily harm, on several of her young patients, in her office.
She has also threatened and beat up many of her adult patients, in unprovoked violent outbursts.
Vania Damerjian has been arrested many times, but has escaped conviction because she has used mental illness as her excuse.

Vania Damerjian is not fit to counsel anyone, as she is very mentally disturbed and needs extensive counseling and medication herself.

Do NOT seek any type of counseling services or other services from Vania Damerjian, because she is extremely dangerous and violent and has caused irreparable harm and trauma on many of her former patients.
Vania Damerjian has also committed nine counts of felony identity theft and credit card on her patients, as well.

Here is some important information on Vania Damerjian and her useless counseling practice:

NPI Number : 1104258672
Entity Type Code : Individual
Provider Name (Legal Business Name) : VANIA DAMERJIAN
Provider Business Mailing Address
First Line : 1227 E LOS ANGELES AVE
Second Line :
State : CA
Zip : 93065-2871
Country : US
Telephone Number : 818-424-3507
Fax Number :
Provider Business Practice Location Address
First Line : 1227 E LOS ANGELES AVE
Second Line :
State : CA
Zip : 93065-2871
Country : US
Telephone Number : 818-424-3507
Fax Number :
Authorized Official
Title or Position :
Name :
Credential :
Telephone Number :
Provider Enumeration Date : 08/06/2013
Last Update Date : 08/07/2013
Detailed Information

NPI Number 1104258672 has the “Individual” type of ownership and has been registered to the following primary business legal name (which is a provider name or healthcare organization name) — VANIA DAMERJIAN .
Records indicate that the provider gender is “Female”.
The enumeration date of this NPI Number is 08/06/2013.
NPI Number information was last updated at 08/07/2013.
The provider is physically located (Business Practice Location) at:

The provider can be reached at his practice location using the following numbers:

Phone 818-424-3507.

Beware that Vania Damerjian has been removed from the listing of providers in Psychology Today, due to facts that she has committed assault and identity theft on her former patients and victims.

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