U.S.A.:NUTRIGENIC LIFE LLC INTERNATIONAL:NUTRIGENIC LIFE Fraud committed on internet by Nutrigenic Life. They stole money from my account without agr - U.S.A.:NUTRIGENIC LIFE

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November 18, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I initially responded to an advert on the internet, which offered a free trial bottle of acai berry health supplements, in which any respondents would only be asked to pay for post & packaging. This was at the beginning of October, 2010. I subsequently received one small pot of said item, but noticed that no invoice of any kind was enclosed with the product ( so no contact details !), & also the address on the packaging was only from a processing centre, & did not include Nutrigenic Life's address. I have retained that info' should you require it. Next, I received my Credit Card statement, in which not one, but three separate amounts had been taken by Nutrigenic Life ! The 1st, on Oct 4th was for 1.92, which I accept. But on the 5th Oct they took, oddly, another 0.96, plus, to my horror & disgust, on 14th Oct they removed 56.65 There are two addresses printed on the actual tub of supplements itself: one in Miami, U.S.A. & the other in London, U.K. I tried contacting the London branch, but our B.T. directory enquiries told me that there are no listings whatsoever for either the tel. no. or the so-called address. My son, who is in the Metropolitan Police , in London, assures me that the info' printed on the tub is false, & that these sorts of scams are going on all the time. I have now looked on the internet & found many other similar stories, with more respective victims of this outrageous scam,carried out by NUTRIGENIC LIFE !

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