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January 24, 2011, Anonymous
United States

In 2009 I was working on a refund from HUD. I faxed HUD my documents that they requested. I started getting billed $192.50 for their service for a $641 HUD refund. I was sent to a collection agency a week before I even had the check from the US Treasury. Thank GOD my wife saved all of the documents, even the US Refund Consulting mailings. US Refund didn't help me get anything. Their Notary Document doesn't even have their Organization on it, it is a generic form and not legal for what they are using it for. Beware of this scam!

Complaint comments:

November 9, 2017, rogerthat101
Not a professional response to someone especially a customer.
Upon reading you can clearly see the sarcasm.
Not respectable or a professional company.
April 26, 2013, usrefund
I am the Office Manager for US Refund. I have reviewed the case notes for this person's claim and would like to make the following clarifications.

First, this claimant signed up to use our service to assist with the claim paperwork for a fee of 30% of the amount received, which is to be paid when the claimant receives their funds. We then sent a claim package to the client which included the official claim form that needs to be signed and returned. We spoke to this claimant on the phone numerous times afterward, in which the claimant stated they were going to return the official claim form "today" or "soon". The claim form never was returned to our office.

Apparently then the claimant attempted to use the claim form we provided to "go around" us and make the claim themselves in order to avoid paying the fee. This is a somewhat common occurrence, and it is why we must protect ourselves from the costs we incur (over $20 to locate a claimant, and in this case over $40 to retrieve county courthouse documents in the person's home county in southern California).

We got word from the moneyholder that this case was paid directly to the claimant (confirming that this claimant was attempting to avoid our fee), and so had to begin collections actions. This is extremely rare... our clients are overwhelmingly happy with our service... our files are filled with hundreds of thank you letters from all over the country.

Now for some clarifications to specific issues mentioned in the complaint. Why was the collection agency involved 'before he had even gotten the check from Treasury'? The writer's dates are incorrect. Treasury informed us that the refund check was mailed on 7/29/2009. We went through our normal billing process for 6 months before using a collection agency.

The complaint also says "I was working on a refund"... as if to imply that the claimant may not have signed up with our company? We have the signed agreement in our files. The complaint then states "The document does not even have our company name on it". We use the exact form provided by the US Treasury as a PDF to us. I don't understand the point of that issue. The form is not legal? To the contrary, it is the exact form that US Treasury requires us to use.

We are sorry that it was necessary to use a collection agency in this case... certainly it is rare for us to need to do so. If the case had gone normally, with the client honoring the contract they signed and with the client signing and returning the forms as instructed, this case would have gone perfectly smoothly.

Finally, the most important question... is US Refund a scam? The fact that this person was contacted because there is was refund available to them is not in dispute... we only contact rightful owners of refunds. We will definitely provide a valuable service, from preparing the necessary claim forms, to locating and procuring certain "proof of ownership documents" which every claim must provide. All these things are true.

I think the real issue is, do we charge a fair fee for our services? If you are a DIY'er (you mow your own lawn, you do your own taxes), then you are not comfortable paying others for something you could do yourself. That is understandable. In that case, you should not sign up for a service, only to then renege on the agreement once you discover that you might be able to avoid paying the fee.

Our service is exactly like a tax preparer... you could do it yourself, but you want someone with experience who will do it quickly and correctly. US Refund provides exactly what we say we will provide, with no surprises and no other fees than what is stated in the agreement you sign. Thank you for reading this. Please call our office at 1-877-REFUND-6 to speak to any of our representatives... we will be happy to speak to you.

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