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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

The first issue i had with this gym was when they overcharged my card for almost double my normal monthly member ship. I was forced to constantly remind them of their error and demand a refund through several different "managers". They continued to charge me my full membership every month afterwards as well. Finally after 4 months of agony they finally refunded me a nearly far amount, not the full amount of overage I was charged but close enough for me to cut my losses and just be hapy it was over.

The next issue was when I moved out of state (to Florida) in May of 2010. I went to the gym and filled out the paperwork as I was instructed to do by the employee, prior to moving. I then got a letter saying that my request for cancellation was "denied". I then resubmitted a cancellation with a copy of my Florida drivers license and proof of employment. They claimed not to receive it of course. I have now sent this info 3 times as they continue to charge my account. I called the branch I started my account at on Novemeber 8, 2010 and was instructed to send the info AGAIN and make sure I send it certified. I asked if once this was finally cancelled, as it should have been, would I get the money refunded that they had charged me over the past 5 months? The response was a simple "probably not"! I can't wait to see what happens next. Something really needs to be done about this shady business!

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