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November 26, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I frequent this website in hopes of helping others who were victim to a legitimate scam...or to defend a business that may have a fraudulent report lodged against them. Disparaging a legitimate company is not cool. Yes..it is a rather pathetic hobby, but nonetheless, I have chosen upon my own free will, to devote some spare time to this endeavor..since I have it to give. Now I don't know where to go with this..as how I can lodge a report against the very site I devote my free time to, in an attempt to help prevent scams..when the very site itself, is allowing scam sites to advertise on the site itself? I noticed an ad recently which comes up on the right side of this site..that states and I quote (as well as post a screen shot)..."MOM MAKES $77/hr Online", and "Breaking News...read the shocking discovery that has moms across the country earning over $6000 A Month" I figured since I am not a mom..that surely I can earn even more the $6000 a month..I have no kids..no uterus, ...nothing but time. Ehh, no, I did not earn $6000 a month, or $77 per hour..it was just another scam. Thank you scam report.

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