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December 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

We purchased an ownership in Villas Del Arco in 2009. We paid half of the purchase price in cash and half on a no interest 12 month plan. Each month the payment was made online within the grace period offered by the company, but they would take between 2 and 4 days to credit the payment. Each month, they would add a late fee, even though the actual payment was made prior to the grace period deadline. Numerous calls to the company were made to resolve and each time, they would begrudgingly fix it. When the final payment was made on the loan, we continued to receive late fees. Several calls later, a representative of the company committed to zeroing out our amount due if I would make one $30 late payment.

I provided a credit card number to pay per that agreement. Again, more late fees are assessed. The latest call to the company reveals that not only did the representative not make the payment as discussed, now the systems have three different amounts for what my balance is - one on their website, one on the paper bill, and one that the phone rep quoted me. I was sent to collections. The rep there said that the disputed July late fee had been "comped" by the previous rep, but now I owed for a late payment in September, which is patently not true. Because I am tired of dealing with the company, I again said ok, I will pay this late fee, IF YOU PROMISE THAT THIS WILL ZERO MY ACCOUNT AND I WILL BE PAID IN FULL. She assured me this was the case. We will see.

Since acquiring this time share it has been a miserable experience. We never received the free week others get for coming to tour, we got ATV and some other stuff that doesn't compare, our last visit we couldn't even stay in our home resort because it wasn't available and we were put into a room at Villas Palmar.

There was a mouse in the room that apparently wasn't afraid of people - he sat and looked at me each morning in the doorway of the kitchen as I laid in bed. Our kitchen was dirty, with years of poor cleaning evidenced. The dishwasher and refrigerator weren't installed correctly, the cabinet doors were broken and dirty, the stove was out of place. I think they knew there was a mouse in the unit and couldn't find it, but rented it anyway. Mice are a health hazard. They carry MANY diseases and other insects too. Their only offer of resolution was to fumigate the place. So I could find the dead mouse later for them???? After we made QUITE a bit of noise about this, we were FINALLY moved to a respectable beach front unit so the remainder of our visit was pleasant. However, Villas Del Palmar is not Arco, what we paid for.

Calls to UVC are impossible, they don't provide any way for you to talk to the company. They provide a phone number to pay your fees or make reservations. YOU CANNOT SPEAK TO ANY REPRESENTATIVE OF THE CORPORATION IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM. That tells me that they have something to hide and do not want to deal with their customers. I plan to file a complaint with BBB and make sure anyone I can share the information with knows how terrible this company is. I would love to get our money back and walk away from the deal, but I am sure there is absolutely no way to do that now. WHAT A HORRIBLE BUSINESS UVC IS!!!! We were so stupid to buy with them.

We own property too. We've never had a problem with . They make it right if there an issue. I would recommend any day of the week. I would never recommend UVC to anyone, not even someone I don't like. It's a huge ripoff, a poorly run company, and I have a suspicion that the rep that took my credit card number on the collections line in Nov used it for fraud and that's why I never got a payment, so they may have poor hiring practices as well. Soon after that, I saw fraudulent charges on the CC that my company caught immediately and reversed.

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