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November 7, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I had no idea this was a scam but after several months of trying to get my money refunded, I looked on the internet to see how else I could contact this company and found all these reports.

This happened in June of this year. Two young guys came to the house with the story about being in a contest and were winning. I told them that I did not, not did my husband, read magazines and they said that would be ok because we could buy magazaines that would be sent to schools for the children. I thought that sounded ok so I bought two, costing a total of $98.00.

Later that day, I got to thinking since I am unemployed and really did not have the cash, that I am going to cancel since I have 3 days according to the back of my receipts. So that same day I filled out the cancellation and put it in my mailbox to be picked up the next day, which was June 16.

I have been calling this company several times a week, the first month or two, then several times a month after that and keep getting the run around. The girls I have spoken to say they are very behind but that in September, that had finally mailed out all of May's cancellations and mine should be in the next group.

Well, it is now November and I still do not have my money back nor has anyone returned my phones calls, although the message assures me that my call will be returned within 24 hours.

I can not believe I fell for this and feel really, really stupid since I did not have the money in the first place, being unemployed, but thought I was helping someone out.

I usually am really good in saying no but these two young men were so convincing that I got scammed but good. This will not happen to me again because I will not let them into my home and if I have to, will slam the door in their face.

I hope all the people who got scammed some how can be compensated for their loss but I guess I should just chalk this up to a bad experience, a costly one, and leave it at that.

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