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United Nations Legal
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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

These people are so bogus and shameful it is unbelievable. I returned to work from vacation and had several messages from them (all had similiar accents) regarding a legal matter that required my immediate attention regarding a family member. I called and spoke with someone (the names change from message to message) who told me there was a case pending and they were going to come to my job or home to arrest me within a couple of days. Of course I was concerned and asked questions; I was told I had taken out a loan and not repaid the loan which was bank fraud and that they wished me luck with this legal matter. They then asked if I wanted to resolve the matter and I asked for proof of this bogus loan and the person got mad and started speaking real quickly and I told him I wasn't giving him any additional information than he already had and if I owed anyone money then they should provide proof. The calls continued for several days, I then called the FBI regarding these calls and was advised to record as much information as possible (date, time, name of company, name of representative) on a log for submission to their office because they were aware of this scam. The next time one called I told him about the FBI's lack of documentation on their claim and of course he said he was with a different field office and when asked which one all of a sudden he did not understand english very well. The calls stopped for about two months and have started again; I am so sick of these guys its unbelievable. I'm turning in my log to the FBI and contacting the BBB.

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