United Financial Systems-Boca Raton, FL UFS 3 years and 5 months past due. Will not return calls, e-mails or voice messages. Internet - United Financial Systems-Boca

United Financial Systems-Boca
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November 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

3 years with this company. Now I cannot even talk to a person in charge. Over $2,000 has been taken from my account in the last 1 1/2 years but not paid to my credit cards. I trusted them - things were going well. Told me calls may come in because they pay at a different time of the month then when my bills are due. Too much faith in this company has now got me in over my head!!

TIP: call the 1-800 line, don't push any buttons - just be silent, this will instantly direct you to the operator. HOWEVER - if you have left lots of messages like I have, there must be messages on my account not to talk to me. She instantly told me the computers were down and all they could do was take my name and # for someone to call me back. YEAH RIGHT! So why didn't the original conversation start with the computers are down - rather then after she got my account number - HUH!!

I put a stop at my bank from all future withdrawls from UFS. The nice lady at the bank looked into getting my last payment back (reversed) I went in signed all the paper work and with in a week I was reversed my last withdrawl. Isn't much - but allowed me to make one minimum payment on my own.

I have contacted a Pro Bono attorney. I'm gathering all my statements to see which months have been missed. HOPEFULLY he can help me get all the past due money back. So frustrated 2 of my cards should be paid off. My past due amount equals the amount owing. I've learned my lesson. Please let me know if anyone else has any other tips!

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