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August 16, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Leased a sign for my small business for approx. 4 yrs. When I moved my business, I called Signtronix and one person told me I had to send the sign back, so as it got closer to the date to send it back, I callled again to make sure of the address to send it to. That time, I was told I didn't need to send it back, it was mine. I was relieved. So, I sold the sign to someone for not much, but I didn't need it and it was better than nothing. Then, when I rec'd. a bill, I called them and reminded them I had talked to someone there and I was told it was mine to keep and that my lease was up. They denied this and said I must pay $300 to get out of my lease (therefore admitting it could be cancelled). But, at that time I knew I was right and said I don't owe anything more since I had sent a letter to them long before telling them that I was cancelling my lease and therefore had done what I was supposed to do, etc. They continued taking the payment out of my checking acct. for approx. 3 months before I caught it. I had the bank stop payment on future withdrawals and then they keep sending me monthly bills stating that I now owe about 1,000.oo. (130.00/mo.) And they call me about every day at work and cell phone to call them and speak to Angel. They have recently sent me a notice saying my account will be turned over to a credit collection agency if I don't pay. And that they lease is non'cancellble!!!! Indefinite!!! I'm supposed to pay for a 1,000.oo sign for the rest of my lfe? I'm not paying them a dime more!!! If anyone knows what I should do next, please let me know?
I assume since they haven't turned me over to a collection agency is that they know they can't enforce it. There is a class action lawsuit going on now against them which I am a part of.

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November 5, 2017, nothappy51
We just bought (leased) a sign from Signtronix (Northern Leasing Systems, Inc). The sign does not perform as described. The picture graphics are horrible. We were told it would be high definition.

Am calling them on Monday to return the sign. If they refuse, I have a letter already drafted, based on California small claims, demanding return of our initial investment (deposit) of $624.00 If they don't cooperate, we plan to file in small claims court against all three, Signtronix, the salesman and Northern Leasing.

They didn't send the sign we ordered, which was not a special order anyway.

We'll see what happens. I heard they just lost a law suit in NYC (Northern Leasing) and now there is one California too.

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