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Penny Lane Cocker Spaniel Puppies
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October 4, 2018, gramasandy
Sun City, United States

I too bought puppies from this person. We had lost our beautiful Brandy at age 15 and I desperately needed another fur baby in our house. The first one we purchased in Feb 2004 (Missy). I do believe she was 2 weeks old when she died. She got so sick and vet tried everything to save her but to no avail. He recommended since they couldn't really decipher what she had or was wrong with her that we not bring another puppy into our home for 2/3 months and to get rid of all things that she touched. I contacted this person and we did get another puppy and named her HoneyB. She was a beautiful puppy but in a couple of weeks she showed issues and we found out she had mange. It took us over a year and countless dollars to get her well. I told this person about her and she agreed to exchange HoneyB but at this point I was already very attached to her and would not do that to her. So we did end up with another puppy later that Summer. Her name was Angel. Both of these dogs had health issues over the years but Angel ended up with hypothyroidism and severe allergies also. I loved these dogs more than I can say. We lost Angel in May 2017 and our sweet HoneyB passed away this past September 11, 2018. Although we would have never exchanged a puppy after having them in our home for weeks because of the attachment we had with them I doubt very seriously we would ever purchase another one from this breeder. I am not sure what the name of the company was at the time we purchased these puppies but I do have the pedigrees with the breeder name on them.

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