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Building More Wealth
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May 23, 2016, ThaRZA
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

My complaint involves the unethical practices of Mr. Darren Calhoun with Building More Wealth (www.BMW4U.org). On Sunday January 31st at approximately 11:30 am at Starbucks located at 3388 Poplar avenue I was presented an opportunity to invest in the newly launched membership club called BMW. I was told that benefits for becoming a member included: Roadside Assistance, Life Lock-Identity theft service, Legal Shield, and CPA services. I was also shown charts demonstrating how income was produced by purchasing membership cards at $10 each. For example: Step#1 move 20 cards and get a check for $100. Step#2 move 20 VIP memberships get a check for $400. Step#3 Invest $400 and receive $2000. To this date I have not received any of the benefits stated above. Also, I have only received $138 of $2500(250 cards) back and only about half of the membership cards. After the last meeting I attended on Thursday March 24th at 7 pm, I requested my money back. I was told to "Just hang in there for a little while longer". I was then convinced that this was a Scam! Finally, I texted Mr. Calhoun on Monday April 4th at 8:18 am asking him to call me. He eventually called me Tuesday April 5th at 8:50 am. We debated back and forth for 57 minutes an 23 seconds for him to tell me that if I wanted my money back, I would have to resell the cards I had already purchased. Needless to say, I was flabbergasted. I don't want to be associated with BMW, nor do I want any of my friends and family that I gave cards to(Paid it Forward) associated with Building More Wealth!

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