U-GLU uGlu false advertising, shady ordering procedures, over charging Pacoima, California - U-GLU

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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I ordered by telephone in response to a TV ad. The entire ordering procedure was automated (no ability to ask a question or clarify). The offer was a 75 piece pack + power patch for $10 + $6.99 s&h. I was told that I could double this for just $6.99 more or a total of $23.98. They further offered that I could repeat that package for another $23.98 (300 pieces + 4 power patches for $47.96.

They then offered a 150 piece pack with some different items in it for $9.99 + $3.99 s&h = $61.94. I accepted both these offers, so I expected to receive a total of 450 pieces +4 power patches for $61.94.

During this call they offered several items totally unrelated to U-Glu. After I said no to an offer, they repeated the same offer again so that I could have the priviledge of saying NO!! again. There were at least four such offers. Then after one of my NOs, they hung up on me......no confirmation, so total amount for the order, no chance to alter anything.

I received my order promptly, however I did not receive what I ordered. I received 900 pieces of the original items (I ordered 300), but did not receive the 150 pieces which should have had different items in it. For the 900 pieces I was charged $89.94 rather than the $29.99 I expected to pay and I was charged $73.87 for s&h rather than the $31.95 I expected. Thus I have been overcharged by $101.87.

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