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November 30, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have made several orders for mobile parts -Blackberry,s and Iphone parts.the Director of the company Turnonyourmobile Name'd Mark Pollok.
first order i received came without any problems, after that , the second order i made came with Scratched LCD's for the blackberry, and was charged for new and not Grade A stock, i sent the parcel back.. to which i had to pay. and once the stock was replaced, i had to pay for the shipping back.
the third order was a total mess up, this was a bigger order, Payment was received about the 3rd of October, i had received the parcel, with no check list, and was missing a couple of items. after i contacted MARK, he said he does not know how this came to happen, He then said he will post the stock off to me. i had only received the stock by the end of November, after continues emails, and phone calls to his staff, and to Mark's mobile.
His staff told me that Mark wanted to know how payment was made, and he had not received payment for the entire parcel, and he was shouting at his staff for following up.
i eventually got Mark on my email, and said he had sent the parcel with the missing spares a while back in beginning of November,His staff had supplied me with a Track and trace via Royal mail. after i checked it up , the parcel had never been sent.
Mark is a bad business man, as he is only interested in receiving money for orders, and would not send me my spares as he wanted another order. at this point, my trust went out the window, as he keeps lying and changing his story.
he then acted like he never knew what his staff was doing, eventually i received the stock. Only to see there was no check list, and still stock missing. I have told him again "there is missing stock. read your email i sent what was missing on the original order!"
He claims to not have my emails and they are not stipulated. No Apology's No emails. no solution on how to mend the bad business relationship. he does not respond, unless you say "lets make another order" then he Replies within 2 min.
to this day 1-Dec-2010 Mark still has not sorted out the order with his Mess up. I realise his issue is " why must i burn on sending you shipment." so the way i see it, why must i burn on his Unprofessional ism, So i email'd him today"Will you please send me the bill, as i will pay for the shipping, But my clients need their spares"
his Arrogant reply was "Seriously ******* leave me alone "

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