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Trimark Solutions
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November 27, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I emailed Trimark Solutions offering them a domain I had for sale that was relevant to them and would benefit their company and they responded on October 3rd. I had a price tag of $895 on the domain. However after negotiations I accepted a $150 offer that they made based on the condition of a fast sale and payment within 48 hours.
To show good faith since I was contacting them and to speed up the transaction I offered to send the domain to them first and then receive payment once they have the domain. After a small delay waiting for the buyer to send me their registrar details I then sent them the domain on October 13th. Already it had taken longer than I anticipated considering I discounted the domain heavily on the basis of a fast deal. However I was still pleasant and obliging as the buyer advised that he had a lot to deal with which I understood.
However then the buyer did not take the few minutes to accept the domain push and refused to make payment since he did not have the domain yet. After more stalling and excuses from the buyer I reinitiated the push to them on October 19th (a couple of weeks after originally accepting the deal and 6 days after me originally sending the domain to them).
There were then more delays and holdups on the buyers end as he made out that he could not find how to accept the push and claimed the domain was not in his account even though GoDaddy send him an email that states very clearly how to accept. On October 29th he finally confirmed he had accepted the push and had ownership of the domain. He stated that he would make payment that day or the next at the latest. Although I had been severely mucked around and spent more time on this than what the $150 was worth I was happy to finally have the deal completed.
Unfortunately this was not the case. The buyer came up with a poor excuse to not pay by stating that he was nervous about paying by paypal and would rather pay by check (even though paypal is far more secure than a check). At this point the buyer had nothing to be nervous about and nothing to lose since he already had complete ownership of the domain. So claiming to only want to pay by check (knowing full well this was not an option for me since I am in Australia and he is in the US) was simply an excuse.
He then came up with even more excuses and in the end has refused to pay. I stated that if he wasn't comfortable with the payment options that he should send the domain back to me. I have given him my details for him to send back to me twice and given him over a week to do this. However this has not happened.
The buyer has completely refused to pay and will not send back this domain. It appears that he values $150 far more than honesty and the integrity of his word and company. Considering he runs a B2B company I find this extremely surprising as trust and good business relations are a key in this field.
I would discourage anyone from using Trimark Solutions or dealing with Randy Goins (President) since it is obvious that him and his company cannot be trusted and will do anything for the sake of a quick buck. Anyone who values their word at a mere $150 has extremely poor character in my opinion. I would not trust anything this company says in future and don't feel they have anything to offer clients in regards to online marketing considering they are so poor at handling their own reputation.

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