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December 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I regularly took horseback riding lessons with Tricia Aldridge between July 2009 and March 2010.While she seems to be a competent instructor; my experience with her has proven to me that she is an unethical and unprofessional businessperson.Specifically, in September 2009, she solicited me to invest in a pony ($400) that she planned to "flip" at a profit within a very short period of time.Once she purchased the pony (for $300), she failed to sell the pony but managed to bring in money for herself by using the pony for lessons.Additionally, in January 2010, I prepaid for 10 private riding lessons ($475).In March 2010, Tricia informed me that the horse I used for lessons was injured and would not be available for use for approximately 2 months.She offered to let me use another horse- at another barn that was twice as far away from my home.I declined the offer due to the excessive distance.Two months later (May 2010), I informed Tricia that I was pregnant and she agreed to refund me the amount for the remaining pre-paid lessons ($285).She also agreed to pay me out on the pony ($400) since she claimed the pony was fast and she wanted to keep her as a barrel racer.It took me an additional 2 months and many text messages for Tricia to finally provide partial payment- $450 of the $685 owed to me.I have yet to receive the remaining $235 that she owes me (per mutual agreement) and following repeated excuses for lack of payment she ultimately has failed to respond to any of my attempts to contact her (via text messages, email messages, and first class mail- she refused certified letter) since November 2010.As a result, I have resorted to filing a lawsuit in order to obtain the remaining amount due to me.Please be advised and DO NOT give any money up front to Tricia Aldridge, otherwise you risk not getting what you paid for and losing your money, like I unfortunately did.

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April 26, 2017, Relentless1
The Apple never FALLS far from the tree This Family is mean and Evil The Bible says no DEED done in the DARK SHALL PREVAIL this crime family will lie cheat and steal! They use the Internet as their pen! The accuse people of things worse than any people Ive ever met.. An old eleceted prosecuter I met in my teens use to say what a tangled WEB they weaver Walter over 30 years as elected was shrewd practiced Law well into his 90s used to Say BY GOD DON"T LET THE GET AWAY WITH IT! Kasey and MIKE only lie cause of their upbringing!

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