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November 21, 2010, Anonymous
United States

A few days after I spoke with my Allstate agent and signed up for a new policy, I received my new policy information from Allstate, but I also received a letter that had a return address to Allstate, but did not have the full-color Allstate logo.

This mysterious letter that had no full-color Allstate logo, claimed that Allstate used my credit report to write policies, and that Allstate was having a problem with my address. The letter further insinuated that the problem may be due to identity theft, and I should contact TransUnion National Disclosure Center to resolve the situation.

Instead, I went to my Allstate account online and determined that there was in fact, no problem what-so-ever. I immediately notified my agent by email, that TransUnion is in the process of ruining Allstate's good name. I always had good service from Allstate and I give Allstate more credit than TransUnion

Transunion's website attempts to get visitors to sign up for a $14 per month credit monitoring service, which as you can plainly see by the other reports here, is basically a worthless boiler room.

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