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tom Pfirrman
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March 23, 2011, Anonymous
United States

Tom Pfirrman will lie to you. He will fast talk you out of 2500$ and say it is placed into a 'Deposit Only" account and held there untill the modification is complete, but in reality 1-3 days later you will discover that it was infact CASHED! You will also discover upon furthur investigation the term "Escrow" is misused by the company and that "Escrow Account" is only a nickname assigned to a regular business checking account in which he has full control of. Escrow is a term for taxes and insurance. I should have picked up on this, but as I said he is a fast talker. His reps wayd and another tom will only feed you bull while he plays hide and seek. Forget about ever talking to tom the owner. He takes your 2500 bucks but wont ever take your call. Then when asked to prove that your deposit is infact still in this so called "Escrow Account" he only shows you deposit ticket that may or may not be your actual deposit. that only shows the initial deposit was made, he cannot and never will provide real proof that your money is still in this account, proving that he spends the money right away. Liar liar is what he is. He is a scam artist and a theif and afer looking into thing is also an illegal loan modification company.

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November 20, 2018, 221733
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