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December 3, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I worked at this company in 2009 - 2010. I am older then some of the other reps that were in the office. But I did bring a little experience with me. I was told it was entry level management, but I was doing sales. My leader at the time told me I was going to make a fortune, and that within two weeks I could be a leader. All lies.... I only made 600 a week and it took over 6 weeks for me to become a leader. After six weeks when they made me a leader my original leader told me I was going to double my salary. Another Lie... I was only making 750 a week and it was hard for me to maintain that while running a team and developing leaders. I was interviewing, training and doing my own sales, basically running an office inside an office. I mean what did Eddie want a miracle worker. I was trying to make a living. He kept trying to tell me I just needed to apply myself more, but yet he was always out on personal reasons and leaving the office to be run by his employees. The same employees he had to fire for stealing. Guess Eddie trusted the wrong people. That must be one of his character flaws trusting stupid people. The leader that recruited me didn't even stay around. She was only making 450 a week and had a really high mortgage. Eddie offered financial couciling to any employee that wanted to manage there money better. But he was dealing with a bunch of new baby graduates, that were barely wet behind the ears. I mean what was Mr. Eddie Sardinha playing Mr. Nice guy. He fired alot of people. He told one guy listen you just don't have it. The numbers aren't there, I don't ever want someone who can't make money. I didn't make a fortune and after 10 months couldn't develop leaders and I decided it was just to much to ask of one person. I decided to go back to school for my masters and see what luck that will bring me.

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