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December 5, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I decided for my wedding that a very nice, custom glass hourglass would be the perfect gift to my wife. All initial contact with "Tom" from T&K Young went fine - he responded to my initial email, called me and answered my many questions. We went ahead and ordered an hourglass, which cost me $230+, including the shipping. A month later, 4 days before the wedding, the hourglass arrives. Whew! We were nervous it wasn't going to get here on time! The ceremony was spectacular, and we had a beautiful little sand ceremony. We packed up the hourglass and our sand, slapped the return address Tom gave us on the package, and away it went. The idea is, you fill the hourglass with sand from your wedding, ship it back to him and he seals it and mails it all back to you. We were excited! That was approximately seven months ago. Since then, I have had ONE email from Tom, and that was after 3 months of leaving voicemails and unanswered emails. It was a short message, simply stating that I did not send any of the customizing details (such as the wedding date, etc) along with the hourglass. I apologized (even though we DID send those details), and replied with all the images and texts he said he would need. Since that time, I haven't heard from Tom. He has simply ceased to exist. Calls go unanswered. I leave voicemails, always with my contact information attached. I send emails requesting status updates. For seven months now, I have been wishing I had found a better business to spend my money at. If T&K Young sounds like a nice place to get a beautiful custom hourglass, I can only tell you I wouldn't know. I've never gotten mine.

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