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T.J. Rohleder
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December 20, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I have tried several programs with M.O.R.E. Inc., with the same result each time: I SPENT money, I never made any money.

Send for free information on one of their offers, and you'll be bombarded with offers every couple of weeks. Most of these offers require you to send them several thousand dollars up front.

As a general rule, don't send money for any program from anyone if,

1) They don't specify EXACTLY what it is, and how the program works.

2) It isn't clear EXACTLY how you'll be earning the money.

3) They CLAIM you do nothing--they will do all the work for you.

4) The sales letter says, "This is not like anything else you've ever seen before...blah blah."

5) They tell you what it is NOT: ("This is not chain letters, not mlm, not assembling products at home, not envelope stuffing...or any of that NONSENSE!") But they never tell you WHAT IT IS!

If you've been ripped off by this company, you need to complain to the Kansas State Attorney General here: http://www.ksag.org/page/file-a-complaint

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