Tim Young United Senior Association Benefits, United Alliance Group, Health-Net I worked as a remote agent for Tim Young since July, 2010, I am owed $ - Tim Young

Tim Young
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November 13, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I signed on as a Remote Agent for United Senior Association Benefits in July of 2010, this year. As of this day, I am owed for approximately $2300.00 for sales I made for this company, which this includes the $590.00 check from the Bank of America that bounced. I had talked to Tim Young on the phone many times since this occurred and he promised to pay me many times for the last month or so but payment has never arrived. Evidently he has better things to do than actually do what he says he will do. He continues to sign Agents to work for him that have no idea that they, at some point may be cheated out of their pay as well. He does have an insurance license and continues to sign policies for Health-Net as well as United Senior Association Benefits. I feel sorry for anyone that signs up with this person and doesn't know beforehand what may happen to them as a result. You have fair warning now, don't work for this person!!!!

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