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December 1, 2010, Anonymous
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My wife Donna and I saved our hard earned money for 6 months
to get Donna a new Audi A4 (Well, a used A4as we knew that couldn't afford the payments on a new one). After
searching for 3 months; we found the prefect car at Thrifty Car Sales. They approved
our financing; but could not deliver the car as it was being serviced in their
in-house service department. They told they would have it ready the next day;
and we both were very excited. After a week (9/7/10 financing approval and down
payment of $1500 9/14/2010 Delivery) when they pulled the car around; the
check engine light was on. When we questioned them about itthey stated: There's
no problem's on because of the work that was just done on the car.the
warning light will go off in 15 ignition cyclesthe computer will reset itself.
And if it does not go off in 2 weeks bring the car back. The warning light did not go off. The 1st
return, they hooked a computer up under the steering wheel and diagnosed the
car.telling us they are ordering the needed part (A transmission control module
(TCM)) , 3 weeks of excuses later the part was still not in, another week
later AJ service manager, and Brian a tech conveniently did not remember what
the car needed and told us we needed to bring the car back in for diagnostics
again. This time we were told they need to research to error codes. After 3 total
months of this they now paid for our trip to the Audi dealership ($126) to professionally
diagnose and fix the problem. When the estimate came in at $2000-$3000 (as this
is a severe problem), they are now refusing to do anything at all. We drove
this car off the lot with a promise from them and they are now turning their
back on us.

I think a very important fact here: is that Brian the
service advisor at the Audi dealership (A great guy) showed me an estimate
prepared 12/2009 a year ago; with the exact same issues listed as Audi diagnosed
today. This cars problem has been there before we ever dreamed about an Audi.
Thrifty is also turning their back on their 30 day warrantee, stating if it
were only a couple hundred dollars for the repair they would step up, but not
with such a costly one.

Please help our family. Sincerely,

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